Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The sounds of silence

Do you hear that - it's the sound of silence. There's just me, myself and I in the house, oh and my new grandson - who surprisingly is asleep. One could get a complex from the amount he sleeps when I'm around.

I'm on Nani duty tonight because eldest son has taken his girl out to see the latest Harry Potter movie which she has been wanting to see. She didn't know where they were going up until I arrived, she just knew that she had to be dressed ready to go out. My son does have a romantic side.

You know how some people glow during pregnancy (well except for me and DIL) well DIL now has that glow after the birth. Health problems have gone provided she takes things easy and now she's glowing, not sure how you do that with a brand new baby but she is and deserves to after the last two weeks she's had.

I arrived with my laptop, book and a magazine because grandson avoids my company and I knew he would probably sleep through most of my visit - and I was right.

Today was an absolute feral day at work and is set to get worse. The week after next I have to be in three different places - not quite sure how I'm going to accomplish that but it seems to be a common occurence with projects. Our full project team of 70+ people doesn't come together until the 5th September because it will take us that long to get all of the required people out of their individual businesses, although starting next week some of them will start joining us.

I'm quickly starting to realise that working on a project the size of this one is extremely challenging and stressful. To think I have three and a half more years of this to come - should be an interesting time.

A side benefit to Nani duty tonight is of course free use of the computer and no need for guilt over setting a bad example. I'm pretty sure my grandson won't give me away on this one, he'd have to wake up first anyway.

Well I'm off to read some blogs, flick through my magazine and enjoy the peace and quiet until the little man decides he's hungry.

Cheers, Fi

True silence is the rest of the mind; it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment. ~William Penn

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  1. I am so glad your DIL is doing better and feeling well enough to go out! I hope this means everyone can relax and start to enjoy life with the new baby. You, too, Nani!


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