Sunday, July 17, 2011

Big weekend requires nanna nap

My weekend has been big which required my requisite two hour nanna nap this afternoon. There was so much that I could have been doing and just no energy to do so. Friday night we stayed in the city with another couple and I think in total I got about 4 hours sleep Friday night.

Last night was family and friends time and roughly 15 people for dinner. It was a great night - good food and good company. Brother and sister-in-law were down from Renmark so there was plenty of catching up to do, my new grandson to show off and brithday presents to be given out for my nephew and son - both of who have birthdays this week.

We also managed to finally get photos of hubby holding new grandson, he's just unable to say no to DIL when she's on a mission to get photos of all family members for the baby book, but I'll restrain myself from posting them on here. Hubby hates having his pic taken and usually avoids holding newborns for fear of 'breaking' them - he'll take toddlers any day.

Today was cold and raining and SIL and I spent most of the day lolling around the house, watching kids DVD's with my nephew. Brother and the MM's went and cut down some tree branches at their rental property and hubby was working on a mates industrial shed that they're building.

My houseguests left mid afternoon and I took to my lounge and slipped in a little nanna nap. I could of slept for a lot longer, honestly life can be so exhausting at times. The next three weeks are going to be hugely busy at work so I knew that sleep was more important to get me through the next week.

I've spent two days away from the computer and not blogging and guess what, the blogosphere survived without me and I survived without it. Hope you've had a fantastic weekend.

Cheers, Fi

Here's a thought from Nubia for the coming week

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun filled weekend with some of my favourite 'things'.

    good food
    Good cheer
    and a whole lot of love!

    Cyberspace may have survived without you -- but I missed you! :)

    Have a great week.


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