Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting a new toy - no not that sort of toy!

Internet connection is as slow as a slug tonight - maybe because I had two profiles open on my laptop. We have unlimited usage so it shouldn't slow down - we'll see though.

Now for my latest news, I'm getting a new toy. It's probably not that exciting a toy for most people, except for me that is.

I have just ordered myself a new mobile phone, my old one is painful and I'm eligible for a new one on my plan (at no cost) which is always an enticement. So in two days this is what I will have

Yeah, not exciting for most, but for me it is. Small things amuse me and keep me happy. I was not happy this afternoon though when I went into the phone shop to organise my new phone and was told I couldn't have one without hubby's permission. What the....?

Basically they wouldn't give me one because all of our phones (hubbys, mine and the boys) are all on one bill. This means we only get one bill a month and have free calls between us. But... there's always a but, because the bill is in hubby's name I can't organise anything without his signature. I pay the bill you morons!

Sometimes you just have to wonder at how stupid things can be. The phone will not cost anything, my plan will still cost the same amount but I have to have my husband's signature - argghh!!!!!. I came home and chucked the standard wobbly at not getting my own way.

Hubby then got on the phone (anything to shut up my whining) and it turns out I can order it over the internet, get three months free rental, no delivery cost and I get it in two days. So as the saying goes everything happens for a reason, even if we can't see the why at the time.

So if anyone has a bad story to share about Blackberry's please restrain yourself from sharing - because I've ordered it and it's coming and I don't want to know. If the phone packs it in I'll chuck another wobbly when and if it's required.

Who would have thought I could dribble so much about the purchase of a new phone? Yeah you're right, I can dribble heaps on pretty much any topic.

Cheers, Fi

Everyone has a 'risk muscle.' You keep it in shape by trying new things. If you don't, it atrophies. Make a point of using it at least once a day. ~ Roger Von Oech


  1. Love the quote! I'm an iphone, C.C.'s a blackberry as are both my daughters... They all love theirs and I love mine -- though seriously... a phone is a phone is a phone! :)


  2. I am one of those tech challenged when it comes to cell phones so I say if it ain't broken dont fix it. I have an older phone, works just fine, not getting a BB, an iPhone, a 4g Epic, nothing. Good luck with yours.


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