Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lighthearted & Energised - coming real soon

This is the best I could do for lighthearted and energised today
I can't help myself, I wasn't going to post tonight because I was meant to be posting something uplifting and energising. Quite frankly I don't feel in an energised or uplifted mood tonight, but writing is what makes me feel better because it's my brain dump at the end of the day, so of course here I am, emptying my head to prevent an overload.

Another long day today but at least this morning grandson was considerate enough to be awake and share some time with me. DIL was up and feeding him when I arrived, slight headache but definitely looking brighter than she has all week.

Phone call this afternoon from son changed all that - DIL was re-admitted to hospital this afternoon and was undergoing a MRI tonight. Headaches have gone but backache that came on suddenly today is enough cause for concern apparently because of the risk of blood clots, hence she's back in there.

I had an epidural with each of my boys and never suffered a problem, in fact no-one I know has had any of these problems (although I'm sure they do happen, you just never think it will happen to you or one of the people you love) I've never heard of any of these sort of problems up until now. Had I have been aware that any of this could have happened I probably never would have had one myself. Well maybe I would have, because lets face it childbirth is no walk in the park and you can't realise how bad it is until you watch a loved one suffering.

DIL was concerned about getting an epidural because of her fear of needles, I was one of the people who told her not to worry because it was a piece of cake. Do I feel guilty, somewhat, but I'm also realistic enough to know that I'm not to blame and that it's a pretty standard thing these days (or so I thought)

Now we sit and play a waiting game for the results from the MRI. I'm frustrated and worried, which is nothing on what poor son and DIL are enduring at the moment. Bugger, bugger, bugger! Sorry but I just don't know what else to say that won't be too offensive for some of those that read this blog.

DIL was at least still maintaining her sense of humour tonight when she texted me to tell me that she'd had the MRI and was on the way up to the ward. She told me she was checking back into the Hotel Flinders for the night (as opposed to Flinders Hospital). That comment gave me some small measure of relief, she was at least making jokes and trying to remain light hearted, despite enduring more blood tests and needles today and not being at home where she wants to be.

We're all hanging in there and trying to stay positive and I will be back to post a genuine uplifting and positive post real soon.

Cheers, Fi

Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day. 


  1. Oh Fi, I am SO sorry! I do understand how it feels to be back and forth to the hospital. Positive thoughts are still heading your way. I hope your DIL feels better soon so she can enjoy that baby!

  2. I'd rather have an epidural than an MRI. It's that darned tube. Just sayin'.

    I hope everything turns out all right.

  3. while it may sound crude, but your daughter-in-law is now becoming a statistic, a cautionary tale against those epidurals being an everyday thing. they are, but as i've mentioned before, they are NOT without risk, they never were. now you all know...

    but with what you've previously said, she seemes to be getting the best of care and i am hopeful things will get back to normal, eventually...

    fingers crossed!!


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