Saturday, July 9, 2011

Doing nothing - just can't do it!

None of you believed me yesterday when I said I was going to do nothing this weekend did you? Because what mother can actually do nothing? So when I said I was going to do nothing this weekend because I was too exhausted, what I actually meant was that I was still going to do all of my food shopping, clean the house and catch up on a weeks worth of washing. That's what I meant by doing nothing!

You could almost say that a mother who does nothing is an oxymoron (love that word!) Dictionary meaning: A rhetorical device in which two seemingly contradictory words are used together for effect:

I also fitted in a visit to the latest addition to our family, just to check in of course. They twisted my arm and asked if I wanted to feed him, so I let myself be talked into cuddling him and wasting an hour sitting and gazing at his gorgeous little face. DIL is actually looking like her old self again (finally!) and almost two weeks after his birth she is actually starting to enjoy being a new mum.

I did have a nice sleep in this morning which helped restore some of the waning energy levels, not quite back to having the energy of an eighteen year old but I'm working on it.

July is going to be a month of milestones for me. I'm five posts away from my 200th post on this blog and July 20 is my one year birthday for this blog. What a lot has happened in the last 12 months. That's a lot of words that I've put out into the blogosphere, a lot of happiness, a lot of angst and a lot of me out there for everyone to see.

This blog has become an important part of who I am because it has strengthened my writing and has assisted me in finding answers and strength when times have been tough. I've met some amazing people along the way and reconnected with friends who I haven't spoken to or caught up with in a long time. It's also helped my family stay up-to-date on happenings in our world even when they're a long way away.

The other biggie this month is that I will reach 10 years of service with my employer on the 17th, the longest I've ever worked for any company so that's a little special for me as well. Youngest MM (my baby) will also turn 14 on the 22nd. What a month it's going to be.

Well I'm off to do some more 'nothing' - like serve up the roast dinner that I found the energy to make today. There's only so many toasted sandwiches and soup that you can eat in a week. Just kidding, I may not have done much cooking this week, but hubby likes his food too much, so he's been on kitchen duty this week.

Have a great weekend all

Cheers, Fi

Any mother could perform the jobs of several air traffic controllers with ease. ~ Lisa Alther

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  1. Love that word "oxymoron" too! Yeah, I can't find myself doing nothing these days either. Great to hear everyone's settling in with the new baby! Happy 10th year of service to you too!

  2. Oxymoron is a great word, I also love saying Onomatopoeia. Has absolutely nothing to do with anything right now, but it is so fun to say!

    I would love to meet a Mum that can do "nothing", and find out how it is done :)

    Hope you have a great weekend, happy 6WS!

  3. WOW on the doing nothing...Is that what I have in store for me?? hehe... (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday)

  4. You do great somethings with your nothings!

    ENjoy your nothing kind of day.


  5. LOve your definition of doing nothing. Only a mother!

  6. Do nothing. Funny, huh. Maybe when we are dead. LOL. And oxymoron, it is a *awesome* word. I used it a lot, I just like saying it to be honest. Glad you got to spend some time with your newest grandbaby. Cherish those times. As you know they are fleeting and one day you will miss it. They grow up so fast. Happy blogoversary and congrats on your 10 yrs at company. That is an accomplishment in this day and age. Have a great weekend!

  7. Wow... I'm on holiday this week and hope my doing nothing involves a lot more doing nothing than your doing nothing.

  8. That sounds very similar to my weekends when I plan to do nothing!

  9. We have a son and a daughter, in that order. When they were old enough to reach, each was given their own laundry basket and taught how to do their own laundry! We had a weekly chores list, no allowance, however I paid for gifts for parties, food for sleep overs, sports, etc. They were each encouraged to earn money for themselves by mowing lawns, cleaning others house, extra tasks around the house/yard, etc.

    Take all of the burden away from me and divide it. Now that we are empty nesters, DH carries our laundry backet to the laundry room, starts the first load (sometimes more), and carries the clean into the room for folding. I do not fold underwear or socks for him, and he puts his own stuff away ...

    I could go on, but you might get bored, LOL. Ah, a sigh of relief while remembering their training. Huh, think I need a housekeeper now!



  10. figures you wouldn't sit still on your butt...

  11. Yes, a mother doing "nothing" just isn't likely. I'm not a mother and I rarely manage to do "nothing". Still, I'm glad it seems you managed to sleep in and enjoy your time.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  12. Hi Fi -- I read your yesterday's post and found you didn't do much Sunday. Glad you could sleep late, I'm up early this morning.
    Sorry I missed answering blogs Saturday. I was 'doing things.' Oh yes, I would trade some of our weather for some of yours!

  13. My mom and I were just talking about doing nothing today and how boring it can be!


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