Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mini Meltdown

See I'm human - my life is not all rosy. I had my mini meltdown today and boss had to re-calibrate me (his favourite word) because I was feeling a little bit lost and unloved.

I'm training a HR person to take over the HR side of my job from the 1st of August and we have a new administrator joining the project on the same day.

So basically I have to brain dump 12 months of living and breathing this project to enable these two people to take over those parts of my job.

I guess I was feeling a little lost as to what there was for me going forward, which is made more difficult because the third party consultants have yet to assign a Change Manager to the project. So my boss in true form, sat me down and talked me through all my concerns and made things clearer for me. My biggest problem is that I'm pretty good (no I know I'm damn good) at guiding and leading others but get a little bit lost when it comes to faith in myself and my own abilities.

He knows me well and we both understand how each other operate, so after the chat today I felt a lot better about things and the direction my new role will take. My fortnightly chiro appointment tonight earnt me a good telling off - she wanted to know what I'd been doing to have messed up my neck and back so badly - I told her it was life in general.

I missed my 200th post milestone which occurred earlier this week and forgot about my 10 years service which happens on Sunday. My boss and another project team member took me out to lunch today and gave me my 'gold watch' which was a surprise. Yes I know stop, breathe, relax and smell the roses on the way. Well roses make me sneeze.

While I remember, I've got a post called 'Holiday from Hell' up on World Moms Blog if you want to pop by and have a read.

On a positive note, last night was at least beautifully relaxing - I think I'm turning into one of those boring people who raves about their grandchild all the time, but what can I say I'm besotted. Last night I was there for 2 hours before he even woke up, much to my dismay. Son and DIL gave me the choice of giving him a bath if I wanted to so of course I gave him a bath when he woke up. Mind you I haven't given a newborn baby a bath for 14 years and in one word - it's scary.

How dumb does that sound?

I don't think (make that I know) none of my boys were that incredibly tiny, in fact all of my boys were built like sumo wrestlers as babies. He loved his bath and just floated and squirmed around, not a whimper except for when I first got him out which is understandable. Then I fed him and by then his mum and dad had come home which was much too soon.

If my babies had been like him, I probably would have had 10. Mellow, chilled out and relaxed - so he definitely gets his happy genes from his mother's side of the family.

Here's something that we all need to keep in mind - me most of all

Another Nubia treat to share - Click on the image to see full size
Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure. ~ Oprah Winfrey

Cheers, Fi


  1. YOu are a beautiful light radiating joy for all to revel in!

  2. Hi Fiona!

    It sounds like your day wasn't so bad afterall!! Good luck with all the training and the new role. It sounds like it will all work out! :)

    Jen :)

  3. Love it! So glad you are enjoying your grandbaby. The quote from Oprah I so needed today. It has been one of those days.


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