About Me

This blog is all about my journey through life as a wife, a mother, an amateur nanna, a writer, a designer, a communicator and anything else I put my mind to.

Sometimes I'm amazing and sometimes I'm just struggling to keep up with the merry-go-round of life, in other words I'm human. I say it as I see it and this blog contributes to keeping me sane in this crazy old world.

I'm a married mother of three energetic and fantastic MM's (mere males), two are still teenagers and my oldest son has now left home. On the 27th June 2011 I became the fabulous Nani Fi with the birth of my first grandchild - another beautiful boy to join the clan.

I always joke that it's because of all the testosterone in my house that all of my animals are female to even up the imbalance.

Writing is my passion and has been for as long as I can remember. I have a love for the written word and have always written stories and poems and now of course I am writing this blog. This blog is my journey through life as a wife, a mother, a new 'nani' and a future published writer. Aside from this blog I also write for World Moms Blog - if you're interested in checking out the site then you can get the button from the sidebar of my blog (it's worth a look).

I'm an avid reader, who devours books like some people devour food. I'm seriously addicted to all things written; books, blogs, magazines, news articles. If it's well written and grabs my attention, then I'll read it and I guess this makes me something of an 'escapist'.

Life often gets in the way of my writing and I didn't get to university until my thirties. I majored in English and Creative Writing and spent some of my most enjoyable years there. Then life intruded again in the form of family, a mortgage and bills to pay. Career changes and more study also joined the mix and it's only since mid 2010 or so that I've really got back into regular writing.

I'm passionate about self improvement and positive thinking, which says a lot about where the title of this blog came from. I try to follow my beliefs of thinking positively and achieving everything I set out to achieve. Having said that, I'm also human and I'm not perfect. My life isn't always rosy and sometimes I get sad or angry and sometimes I even scream and cry with frustration. Most of which you'll read about on this blog as well.

Sometimes I let things get the better of me, but eventually I manage to find my way back to my positive mindset and keep battling on - my aim is simply to be a better me.

My ultimate goal is to give up my 9-5 day job and travel the world writing my way through life and my discoveries and helping others to achieve their dreams.

I hope that my blog touches a chord and inspires you to dream of the impossible, because as the quote on my blog states 'Whatever you can do or dream you can do, then do it. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it. Begin it now!'

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy

Cheers, Fi

I can also be contacted by email inspiration2dream@gmail.com