Friday, July 29, 2011

Same, same but different

Psychic, tuned in or incredibly switched on? I'd like to say all three, but dumb luck or life is probably a better explanation.

On more than one occasion in the last week I've posted something on my blog which has corresponded with something happening in a friend or a followers world.

The reality is I'm writing about things that happen in my life or things that have made me stop and think. I actually read something really cool the other day which are exactly my reasons for writing this blog. It stated that "recording your life is a powerful means of organising your thoughts, understanding your motivations and giving you a valuable perspective on life"

I guess that's why others can identify with what I write because we all experience the same sorts of things, we all go through similar dramas and we all react in similar ways to certain events. That's probably a very generalised way of looking at things because no two people have the same experience or reacts exactly the same, but you get my line of thinking.

I read other people's blogs because they provide an insight into how others deal with things and it also validates the way I react to happenings in my life. I like feeling that I'm not alone with drama and happenings in my life and I also love nothing better than reading about good things happening to people.

So rest assured that I'm not actually reading your mail, listening in on your conversations or peeking through your windows to learn what's happening in your life, I'm simply sharing my life and my experiences.

I wish that for those of you who are experiencing similar pain or stress that you didn't have a need to relate (and you know who you are). For those of you who are experiencing great times who can relate to the good things I'm writing about - well keep on keeping on, because everyone needs good things in their lives.

To my darling friends who I had dinner with tonight and who I don't see nearly often enough any more, thanks for a fantastic night. You guys keep me real and remind me of the good times when we all worked under one roof. I'm humbled that so many of you read my blog and mentioned it tonight. When we all get together, we're a force to be reckoned with and I miss that more than anything.

The title of this post 'same, same but different' is a saying we picked up in Bali last year which I absolutely adore because it can be used for so many things and in so many ways.

Cheers, Fi

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending


  1. Lovely post Fi.

    and thank you for your caring words on my blog -- you make a world of difference!

  2. blogging is very democratic and you can make it as personal as you want, or not. i know i wrote some stuff which resonated with some folks, about aging, friendship and such. some appreciated my sentiments about these things and they agreed with me. others were surprised by it and it made them think of such things and were grateful for this. when we have a connection, be it for only one post, or the whole blog, it offers a pause [we all very much need] to reflect on things in our lives. that is why i love blogging. it is an extension [in my case] of my real life, but in writing. some things i would probably not even voice out there, but here, it's my "secret garden"... (not so secret?) and i can say everything i want. people take it or leave it. i've amused some, upset a few others, but that's just the way it goes.
    i'm just being myself, no more, no less.

    but if you manage to come UP peeping through my windows, (good luck with that!!), i'm calling the cops!!!!!


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