Thursday, April 30, 2015

Feeling inspired

If someone had told me just over a month ago that I would feel lighter, more in control, more focused and happier from doing this NLP course then I would have laughed and then asked how.

The believer in me would have been hopeful but the disbeliever would have been second guessing and questioning.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Signs from the Universe

I was going to start writing this post with the words 'any of you who know me well' and the irony is that there's a large part of me which stays in my heart and my head and isn't shared with many people. I'm not a girly, girly type who has lots of special girlfriends, I never have been.

Yet there's a special few in my world and some of them are new and have got under my skin and are obviously in my world for a reason. Today on a catch up study group for my NLP course I shared a dream that has been in my heart for maybe 18 months which I've shared with only a very select few. This is me previously fighting those beliefs that I can't make the BIG things happen in my world.