Saturday, June 30, 2012

6WS - Thinking out side of the box

Everyone has dreams and sometimes it's the thinking outside of the box which can make those dreams come true. My two greatest dreams for the longest time have been to travel around the world, and to become a freelance writer.

They've been dreams since I was a little girl, but never my goals because deep down I've never seen them as being achievable. The differences between a dream and a goal;

  • A dream is a wish where no steps are taken to get a result, it's something that you wish could happen.
  • A goal is a target you've set yourself to happen, it's an attainable idea where steps are taken to achieve the result.
The thing is when you think outside the box and start realising not how it is ever going to happen but when it is going to happen, then you start to discover amazing things.

I've had some enlightening discussions this week, made some recent discoveries and engaged in some healthy reading for the soul which has started me thinking outside of the box and searching for alternatives.

How do I make my dreams reality and what do I need to do to start my journey towards achieving them?

My friend Google and I searched for several key topics such as travelling aroung the world cheaply and international travel on the cheap. There are many possibilities, including volunteer work as well as 'couchsurfing' or housesitting options for cheap, low cost world travel and accommodation. Here's a few sites I found;
  1. 15 ways to travel for free
  2. Round the world flights
  3. How to travel the world for free
  4. Couchsurfing
Not everyone's cup of tea but very enticing for someone who's favourite travel memory was three months spent in the US as a teenager; living, travelling and working with people I had previously never met. You learn so much more by not following the 'tourist' path.

That's me starting to think outside of the box and starting to explore all sorts of options to make my dreams become reality. I'm still at least a year or two away from putting things in place. Oldest son needs to be a little more settled, middle son needs to complete his apprenticeship and youngest needs to finish school.

There won't be any perfect time for going, but I need for my children to at least be self sufficient and capable of looking after themselves for a length of time. Unless hubby decides he doesn't want to come with me and then who knows, I might go sooner. and he can stay home and mind the fort.

So in the meantime I need to start planning what I need to do to achieve the freelancing dream and maybe also explore contracting positions overseas. Lots of things to consider and hey travelling around the world will provide lots of writing options.

Put the dilemma of money to the bottom of your list of obstacles, think outside of the box and start exploring alternative options to help you achieve your dream.

So what's your greatest dream?

Cheers, Fi

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  1. I had never read that quote before, but it really defines what I did when I set out to teach. What a great inspiration as I get ready to start my new school with a renewed sense of hope!

    1. Karen - its one of my favourite quotes

  2. Good luck with being able to achieve your dreams of freelancing around the world.

    1. Yeah it's rather a big dream but thanks for the good wishes

  3. Great quote & inspirational post!

  4. I share your dream to travel Fiona, and wish you every success in achieving yours. There's so much opportunity out there these days, and determination will take you a long way.

    1. I'm sure I wrote a reply to your comment but maybe I was imagining it. It was along the lines of determination being vital to get anywhere. :-)


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