Monday, June 18, 2012

Banishing the Energy Vampires

I've said it many times and I'll say it again, I'm a summer lovin' girl. I don't like cold wintry weather and I think this week the cold and wet has seeped into my soul and made me feel a little bit slow and lacking any of my normal get up and go.

Work has its crazy moments right now, home and the boys - busy, busy and all wrapped up in rainy, cold days. I need a nice minky blanket and a few spare hours to curl up in front of the heater and just do nothing.

I had a headache driving home tonight and a bit of a sore throat - arrghhh, be gone. I have plans to head up to Renmark on Friday for my sister-in-laws baby shower. Absolutely no time to be sick at the moment.

My friend Google and I have done a thorough search tonight - topic searches from how to get happy, to tips for inspiring others, to getting motivated. You know you've got it bad when things which usually excite me, and make the words fly onto the page as my fingers struggle to keep up with my brain, are failing to do so.

Then I discovered a couple of words that finally grabbed a hold of me and made me sit up and take notice.

Avoid Energy Vampires

That's it in a nutshell, I feel like everyone around me is sucking all of the energy out of me. Work, home, family. All draining the life blood. Energy vampires sounds so dramatic and inspiring.

Vampires are popular in todays culture, this from me who thought there could be no worse subject for a fiction novel even relented and finally read the Twilight series, long after they first became popular though.

So what can you do to avoid the energy vampires?
  1. A good starting point is to go and read all 33 tips for Getting and Maintaining Motivation by Dragos Roua. Number 11 is the Energy Vampire one.
  2. Take a short trip away (and preferably leave the energy suckers behind)
  3. Have a mental health day, phone in sick for work; then turn off the phone and snuggle under a minky blanket in front of the heater and read light hearted, fun and entertaining books all day.
  4. Run yourself a big fragrant bubble bath, light some scented candles, make yourself a big milky hot chocolate and lock the bathroom door behind you. Then don't come out for at least an hour.
  5. Turn off your Care-o-meter just for a short time and do what energises you - write, sing, create, paint, walk. Whatever you need to do to get your happy back.
That's my tips for beating the energy suckers - I plan on doing at least four of the five this week. So what do you do when the cold and wet seeps into your soul. What motivates and inspires you?

Cheers, Fi


  1. I like to take a walk. On the days when my feet are cooperating enough to do so, a bit of exercise can really make a huge difference.

    1. Karen - I agree, one of my greatest joys is taking the furkid for a walk. I'm frustrated by winter weather at the moment, I'm driving to work in the dark and coming home in the dark and I'm not to keen on walking her in the dark.

      I at least try to get down to the beach on the weekends with her

    2. I don't like to walk the dogs in the dark, either. I can understand that. We just got a treadmill that a friend loaned us, and I am SUPER excited about that! I don't have to walk in the sweltering summer weather. Are your winters long and cold?

    3. Hubby bought me a treadmill two years ago, I used it religiously when we first got it and then hurt my back in a fall (not on the treadmill) and didn't get back on it. Lazy aren't I? I need to do this especially because then I can walk in the dark. I can understand your excitement.

      Our winters aren't super long and cold as in no snow or icy temperatures. They are cold and wet though where as I love sunshine and blue skies and green grass - I find winter weather is depressing

    4. I found it's really hard to get back into exercising after a break. Daniel and I used to run six days out of seven, and both of us are finding it tough to get back into setting that time aside for exercise. I wouldn't say you are lazy!

      Winter weather IS a bit depressing after the sunshine of summer. I hope winter passes quickly!

  2. I too like to walk - and dislike energy vampires intensely!!!! We're still waiting for summer here!

  3. Of course living in Oregon the fall/winter/spring is mostly blah weather so it is very hard to get motivated. But I do find when I turn off the care o'meter and do something for just me, life turns around (for a little while). This past Sat morning I went to coffee and farmers market with a few girlfriends and it was a much needed break. Going to try and not let the vampires, whoever they are at the moment, suck the blood/life out of me any longer. It has been nice here the last couple days so it has been great to get out in the yard and be able to recharge with vitamin d. Sending some sunshine your way. Have a great rest of the week and hope you enjoy your weekend visit with family.


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