Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adding value - does it matter?

Most of my posts arise from my amazing little life (insert small amount of sarcasm here) - well mostly it's about what happens day to day, what affects me, what annoys me or what inspires me. Mostly!

I made a comment this morning to my boss that I don't feel like I add value at work. Six days of rest and relaxation allows way too much time for contemplating and thinking about life in general. So of course my friend Google and I searched those few little words and I found this post by Joanne Fedler on Mammamia and that's when I knew I was stuffed.

At the end of the post she provided this: Ten tips on how to work out whether your job adds (real) value in the world or is, sorry to say, just a bit of a wank. Your job adds value in the world if:
  1. When you arrive people say, “Thank God you’re here”
  2. No-one walks away from you feeling ripped off
  3. At the end of the day you can see the results of your labour
  4. Nobody ever tells you to ‘go away’ or swears at you
  5. You count lives, not money
  6. People don’t avoid your calls
  7. Nobody ever threatens to sue you
  8. Nobody ever tells you they want a ‘second opinion’
  9. You make broken things work
  10. People send you thank you cards
Regardless of how many I can cross off - I still think I'm borderline 'wank' status, because while I may be adding value it's definitely not in the ways which I planned and that's frustrating.

I don't know about you, but I need to feel like I'm adding value through what I do, the people I reach, the job I'm paid to do. If I don't feel like I'm doing something worthwhile and I'm not stretching, growing, learning then is it it time to move on or just time to re-evaluate what value add is for me?

Do you feel like you add value in what you do, am I simply overthinking this?

Cheers, Fi


  1. As a teacher my job includes about half that list- people telling me to go away, the threat of being sued if something goes wrong, and unfortunately I know I won't see the results of my labor until MUCH later than the end of the day. However, I KNOW I add value, and I do get thank you cards!

    I agree that doing a job has to include a feeling of satisfaction. I would not be able to stay in a job that didn't make me feel like I was doing something valuable. I don't think you are over thinking this at all. What would you like to do that would give you a sense of value?

    1. Enriching children's minds is definitely value add Karen and I know from reading your words that you're passionate about it. (Passion equals awesomeness)

      What would I like to do? - a communications role where people want to know more and learn more and who value the information they receive. Very little of this occurs in my current role and I always seem to be the fix it, find it, organise it person instead.

      I know I add value but not in the ways I want to be valued for. It's a lot to do with business culture and it's a struggle to change mindsets. I feel that communication is priority only after everything else is done and that is what's frustrating.

    2. I've found that a lot of our sense of value has to do with the culture of the company we work for. The school I just left, for example, has a culture I'm not sure I completely bought into. Some days that made me feel rotten when I thought about it. I am hoping that whatever job I find really values the same things I do. Being the right fit to help encourage your goals and growth really is important.

  2. I'm sure my work does add value since I type medical reports after a doctor sees a patient and dictates their impressions or operative report, etc. I work at home for a national company and get my reports via the internet. I have virtually no contact with other employees and just through email with my supervisor so I'm not sure what kind of a good impact I'm makng (yet I know if I was doing something wrong, I'm sure I would hear about it :)


    1. Betty, I think we all know when we do something wrong, just not as much when we're doing good (other than silence) It must be hard only having contact by email - or maybe not now that I think about it

  3. maybe it's time to give yourself a break and just accept -- I am. therefore, I make a difference.

    I've learned,

    it's enough to love myself, just the way I am.

    and when I do

    the way I am is enough to love myself.


  4. Totally not overthinking. This is why I do other things besides my job that pays the bills. Hoping that those other things that truly really matter, make a difference in someones life some how some way no matter how small or trivial I or anyone else may think they are. We are all here for a reason and we do matter and we do make a difference for being us doing what we do (and I am saying this to all you lovely ladies above too).


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