Sunday, June 10, 2012

Not just another 'mummy' blogger

I read an article in the Sunday paper this morning which was written by a male and was not so complimentary towards 'mummy bloggers'.

 .... or maybe it's 'mommy' blogger depending on which hemisphere you're in.

I thought I'd be annoyed as I read through his article but I found myself agreeing with much of what he said, okay probably not the overriding sexist overtone he used but definitely his thoughts.
'Mummy blogging' is everywhere these days and is a highly talked about concept. I'm not sure that just because you have a couple of children that you're actually going to write interesting things any more than the next person with no children. I feel sorry for those who can't or don't have children and where they fit in the scheme of things.

Don't get me wrong because in the strictest sense of the definition, I too am a 'mummy blogger', because in essence I'm a mother and I blog, but that's where it stops. I am me first, before I put on my mummy hat and I'd like to think that I have a lot more to offer than simply in my 'mummy' persona.

Admittedly my children are older, but I wonder what happens to these bloggers once their children grow up. Where do former 'mummy bloggers' go, or will there be the next breed of 'nana bloggers' writing and tweeting about the dramas of grandparenting. In which case I could begin now and start a new trend (I'm sure someone has already done it though).

I'm not against 'mummy blogging' at all, but I find it quite demeaning that society likes to typecast these bloggers and pigeon hole them. Some of these 'mummy' bloggers are earning thousands of dollars but are not viewed with the same credibiltiy that your big name bloggers are. Why is that?

Why are they not just bloggers, why does putting the word 'mummy' in front of their title make them more marketable and more talked about. In all fairness, reading twenty different versions of toliet training and how to put a baby to sleep has it's limitations. But that's just my opinion and maybe this 'mummy' has it all wrong.

Go ahead and google 'mummy bloggers', the statistics tell you that 14% of American mums blog (can't find any stats for Aussie mums). Many of them have college degrees, many of them have writing, PR and communications backgrounds - but 'mummy' in their title will probably get them further than their college degree when it comes to blogging.

It's sad really, so what are your thoughts on 'mummy blogging?'

Cheers, from a blogger who just happens to be a mum and a nana.

P.S. - Look it already exists, my friend Google and I searched for a 'nana blogger' and look what we found - the Nanahood. Great writing and heaps of interesting links and posts for us 'almost past it mummy bloggers' {chuckle, chuckle}


  1. I couldn't agree with you more, so many of us are so much more than mummy bloggers. I wrote this post early on because I was not sure where I fit in and I still don't but I continue to blog whenever and about whatever.

    1. I totally agree with your post. I think that's me as well. I have no set 'niche'. Primarily I write about improvement and positive thinking, but writing and family and life are all part of my ramblings as well. Sometimes I voice my frustration, sometimes my joy but really this blog is just about what's happening in my world or affecting me. The good the bad and the ugly of my life and my discoveries.

      I'd rather stay true to me then cater to a 'niche' to get more followers and fit into a set style.

      Hence why I guess you and I 'found' each other :-)

  2. I had a great mental picture of a hunched over old lady with grey hair sitting in front of her computer posting pictures of her 30-year-old grandchild, trying to figure out what to blog about! And then to find out nana bloggers exist already..... too funny. As with anything in life, I think there is a point that moderation has to set in. If mommy bloggers can only talk about their children, I think it is unhealthy, and to be honest the blog is boring to me. If, however, parenting is just another part of a well-rounded life, then I understand focusing on children for now. We all go through seasons and write about what is important at that moment in our lives. For some, that may be the little guys because they do take up a lot of time and energy. I hope that all makes sense.

    1. Yes you make perfect sense, I'm sitting here giggling at the mental picture - good thing there's nobody else in the room with me at the moment.

      Aaahhh life would be so much simpler if everyone could practice moderation

    2. Everyone practice moderation? That would be a sight to see. Life would definitely be much simpler.


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