Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When the words won't come

I'm one of those people who writes conversations in my mind, over and over until I feel they're word perfect. I write a lot of conversations in my head driving to and from work each day - on my mammoth hour long drive and all.

Words engage me, enthrall me, inspire me. Yet this last week - the words won't come, the conversations in my head aren't word perfect because they're not happening and my blog posts are few and far between.

I'm frustrated by so many things in my life at the moment and when I am writing I'm forcing the words onto the screen. The words usually make things clearer when I write them out, when I write anything in fact - hence the rambling nature of this post tonight.

The words are still flowing at work despite the frustrating circumstances we're enduring, so I'm not sure why those words are still coming, thankfully they are. Besides the fact that sitting in one place for eight hours in a day and not doing anything is just too hard, so I guess the words still come.

I'm reading more at the moment - blogs about inspiration and writing, an e-book on intuition, articles on change management, anything to get the words tumbling and turning again.

I'm a bit like a blocked up pipe at the moment, only a trickle is actually getting through and I need the blockage cleared so that the words start free flowing again.

What do you do when the words stop flowing?

Cheers, Fi

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  1. I have had this kind of week too. It isn't that I haven't had much to say, that rarely happens, just not a whole lot of uninterrupted time to write it down and too many things going on in my head. Still lots of changes in the works. Take Care Fi!


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