Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We are family....

In the blogosphere you can never tell what people are going to comment on or take exception to or be enchanted by. I wrote a post yesterday about suicide because this blog is about me, my life, my loved ones and the things that enchant me, annoy me or distress me.

Suicide is not a cool topic, it's not popular or talked about or even discussed openly - but it is reality for too many of us. I'm amazed at the comments on yesterday's post and the discoveries I've made in the last few days about family and friends and the demons they've faced. People are talking about it, about their experiences.

The one thing for which I'm grateful for, are the conversations and the openess that has occurred as a result. Our family is a mixed bag (most families are), we have numerous step relationships, as well as relationships that no longer exist or have evolved and moved on with newer partners and / or children added to the mix.

The thing is, for better or worse, no matter how far removed - in the end we're all family. Related or connected in some way. Tragedy has a way of breaking down barriers, dissolving old and useless past stresses and uniting people with one focus - that of moving forward and surviving together.

This week has seen conversations and support coming from unlikely sources, with stronger and more durable relationships as a result. Out of bad comes some good. I wish that we all could learn to appreciate one another without sorrow to kick our butts first.

One little man has become a strong focus for all of us and he brought about the beginnings of resolution many months ago. My gorgeous grandson celebrates his first birthday tomorrow, how quickly the time has passed since this little ray of sunshine and joy burst into our hearts.

He keeps us strong and is providing a very timely reminder of how important the future is. He's the shining light who is helping my son and his father move through their pain.

Tomorrow my post will be one of sunshine and light and photos of my gorgeous boy - because he is the future.

Thank you all for your kind words and wisdom

Cheers, Fi


  1. Congrats to the little guy!!
    Life is a mixed bag, not just family.
    Notice how in a single day, you'll run the whole gamut of emotions.
    And never be afraid: topics don't need to be cool to be pertinent. Who knows? Someone might read your post and find courage to speak up, for a change...
    Enjoy your time with the little guy!!

    1. Emotions can be exhausting, especially when you do the whole gamut in a day. I'm rapidly discovering that we should never be afraid to talk about what's important.
      We're definitely looking forward to some light hearted fun with our little guy.

  2. What a beautiful post! You know my thoughts - when one door closes another one opens. Give our little man an extra hug today - as you say, he is the future and will help everyone heal, learn from new realisations and move on.


    1. My positivity comes from you. Huge hugs for the little man all round. Love ya xxx

  3. Happy Birthday to your grandson! It's amazing how children can remind us that there is another side to life in the midst of a tragedy.

    1. Thanks Karen, it's our children that keep us going isn't it?

    2. Many, many times my girls have been the inspiration to keep pushing through hard times without giving up. I hope they will learn that life may not always be easy, but the struggle is worth it in the end.

  4. I hope you and your family thoroughly enjoy your grandson's first birthday. He's right at the start of it all...


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