Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This is the reason why I blog

Thirteen short days ago, a smallish yellow envelope dropped into a postbox somewhere in Troutdale, Oregon in preparation of its long journey across the sea to a vast and distant land.

It traversed several time zones, crossed into a different hemisphere and arrived at just the right time, half way around the world in a letterbox in a suburb called Morphett Vale in Adelaide, South Australia.

It could have arrived yesterday and would have been welcomed with open arms, it could have arrived last week when the recipient was mellow and relaxed on a six day break. But no, instead it arrived today, perfectly timed because the recipient had endured a frustrating work day and then an hour long drive home seething about a difference of opinion with another.

This small yellow envelope arrived at EXACTLY the right time and it contained magic.

Within the well travelled little package lay the magic of friendship, and some special hand written words that warmed the recipients heart and banished every bad thought and hint of stress from her frustrating day.

The true magic of this gift cannot be easily measured. It is by far the most valuable treasure ever sent to me from someone I have never met and yet who I feel knows me better than some of my nearest and dearest.

The words are ones I needed to hear and are almost as if in answer to my 'Adding Value' post yesterday, despite the package being posted almost two weeks ago. What is contained within is entirely the reason why I post to this blog. The friendship and connections I make.

Twice within several weeks now I have been struck speechless by the thoughtfulness of special people in my world who have reached out and touched me. To know that I inspire others is truly one of the most amazing feelings in the world. I make a difference and so do they.

I feel honoured to be called a friend by this person whose inner beauty is evident through her words, her gift to me and her passion to be someone who makes a difference to those less fortunate than others. She says she's not, but I truly believe that Jenn is Superwoman and I am eternally grateful that she came into my world when she did.

I couldn't resist checking - Jenn's first comment was on one of my posts for Six Word Saturday in April last year, how far we've come since then Jenn. One day we will both achieve our dreams - because quite simply if you can dream it, you can do it!

I have a number of special connections from my blog, people who I feel have become friends. People I have never met yet who I care about and feel I know. We share our stories, we encourage each other, we spur each other on and figuratively we pick each other up when things are a bit tough.

...and that's the reason why I blog...

So who within your blogosphere has reached out to you and become a friend?

Cheers, Fi

This is what was in my little package and a special card with heartfelt words ~ sob ~ It's exactly the sort of thing that I would have chosen for myself. But then that's how Jenn and I are.

Image credit - Mr Google
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  1. That is so cool! This is the part of blogging I love the most, too- "meeting" people who have come to be friends. Sometimes just having various perspectives and people to play devil's advocate makes life seem a little less lonely.

    1. Karen, this is truly the greatest reason to blog and you're one of those special people in my blogging world.

  2. Making real connections in a virtual world. That too is why I blog. Fi, I am proud and honoured to call you a friend as well.

    1. You my dear, are my own personal life coach - thank you!

      Yes you and I, and our backpacks - will one day take on Europe. I look forward to it.

  3. That is why I have stuck with blogging too. I had no idea how special my blog friends would become to me and I certainly include you in that group : )

    1. Happy to be included in that group and I can say ditto back at you


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