Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You are my sunshine

What a year it’s been, our beautiful little man turns one today. I never thought that being a nana could be so fun. Today the clouds have cleared, the sun is shining and while the weather is brisk it's a beautiful day outside. Nothing less could be expected on your first birthday.

You bring sunshine into the hearts of everyone who meets you and make all of us smile and laugh at your joy. I thank goodness every day that your mummy and daddy are so willing to share you with all of us and let us be a big part of your life.

Below are four of my favourite photos from amongst the hundreds I have of you. Daddy is on notice to take lots more photos of you tonight (or at least ask mummy to do it)

We are blessed to have you in our world

Love Nani


  1. What a sweet boy! Happy 1st Birthday all the way from Oregon! Have an awesome day.

  2. OH WOW! Happy Birthday!!!!! people in the coffee shop where I'm sitting are staring at me -- I'm smiling so brightly all by myself looking at the photos!

    1. Yeah looking at photos of him does the same to me - he's pretty darn cute and I'm not biased at all :-)


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