Saturday, June 23, 2012

6WS - A few of my favourite things

Try writing a blog post after 5 vodka jelly shots, your eyes want to close and they don't see too straight when they're open. Baby showers in the country kick butt, or it could just be that family, friends. good food and fun times kick butt and a baby shower is a good excuse to get together.

Every piece of pink clothing in the southern hemisphere has made it's way to my sister-in-laws house tonight, but sssh nobody knows its a girl, except for those that received an invitation. First girl in our family since for ever, we have 8 boys between both sides.

I've never seen so much food in one place, 2 different soups then about 12 different main courses (one dish dinners) and probably about 5 desserts and then of course vodka jellies. My eyes were much bigger than my belly though and I really did not need to eat as much as what I dd.

So in reference to my six words - here's a few of my favourite things
  1. blazing bonfires
  2. strong, milky coffees
  3. country escapes
  4. de-stress time
  5. baby showers
  6. vodka jelly
  7. 'me' time
  8. sunshine
  9. soft, warm beds
I've got my old lady pants on now, can't stop yawning and probably need to go to bed now (even though it's way too early) Must be the country air which makes you tired, because it surely couldn't be the vodka jelly.

Have a great weekend everyone

Cheers, Fi

Please note: Any glaring errors on this post will be corrected when the jelly shots wear of a little. Visits to fellow 6WS participants will also occur after the wearing off period occurs.


  1. I love your list of favorite things, Fi, sounds like a lovely evening had by all, and congrats on the new girl in the family! I don't do vodka jello shots though, my last vodka experience left the room spinning many years ago, haven't touched it since! :-)

  2. I'm glad to hear you had a good time!

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  4. Love your list and activities, Fi! Happy 6WS now! :)
    Last Saturday I went to a shower for my great-great-niece. She got a lot of presents which the daddy-to-be promptly put in back of two SUVs and drove off with.
    There wasn't any vodka with this bunch, not even beer. Sometimes there is but not this day. :cry:

    Jim's Six Word Saturday


  5. Sounds like somebody knows how to give a party!

  6. Sounds like fun times! Hope you recovered from the jelly!

  7. You crack me up! Night night. Hopefully no hang over. Glad you are enjoying yourself and family. We went down to Salem to see nephew today. SO.DARN.CUTE.


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