Friday, September 30, 2011

I love surprises

Friday night and youngest son and I made the three and a half hour drive to Renmark to spend the Labour Day long weekend with my family.

We didn't tell anyone we were coming so the look of surprise on both my parents faces when we turned up there, followed by the look of surprise on my sister-in-law's face when we walked into the Club where they were having dinner tonight was gold.

I love surprises, so today's surprise on my family was lovely. Yes Louise I'm remembering to breathe and this weekend is just what was needed, it's all about relaxing time with my family. No housework or cleaning to be done in Renmark, in fact no shopping either. I guess I'll just have to spend time reading, writing and socialising - mmm how hard is that?

I left hubby home because he's got to work this weekend and middle MM stayed home because 16 year olds have superior social life's to their parents.

Project team lunch went off well today and we've decided to do a monthly team lunch because it was so well received. My head felt like it was going to explode by the time I escaped at 1pm. Friday mornings are just incredibly busy because I send all the communications and schedules out for the week, so the fact that I even got out of there by lunch time is an absolute miracle.

It's also thanks to the office team working to assist me to get out the door on time, the unity that is growing within this group is something wonderful to be a part of. Not that we don't drive each other crazy with the insane pace and stress at times also.

Well I'm in kick back mode now and plan on putting my feet up and watching my darling nephew who is beside himself with excitement that his 'big cousin' is here. Youngest MM is going to have a shadow for the next couple of days.

Have a great weekend all

Cheers, Fi

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