Thursday, September 29, 2011

Short and sweet....

Just some really quick words tonight, because it's late and I've only just got here and last night I didn't even make it here. It's all about priorities.

Life is following the same crazy busy pattern at the moment, too much to do and not enough hours in my days. Last night I was in bed and asleep before 9.30, as a night owl this is not the norm unless I'm sick.

I also seem to have finally regained some of my sense of humour and I'm not taking everything quite so seriously. I'm pretty certain that the irritability or the sense of agro is pretty much as a result of the not smoking. I'm usually not a grumpy person and this week the lightheartedness has started to return.

Tomorrow is a huge day, early start for work, massive amount of communication collateral to finalise and send out. Project team lunch to organise and then I'm out of the office early afternoon to start my long weekend early. I have something rather special on tomorrow night but I'm going to come back and tell you all about it tomorrow night.

In amongst all the things I have planned to do this weekend, I also need to do a challenge update this weekend sometime, arggh I need more hours.

Cheers for now, Fi


  1. Breathe. Remember.... Breathe.

    In. Out. Deep cleansing breaths.

    and don't forget -- take time for you!!!!!


  2. LOL - sneaky, very sneaky but I love it!

  3. Ha! Relax whats that. How bout you go first. You seem to relax as well as I do. LOL. My relax time is next weekend. Yearly womens retreat at the beach 3 days! Ahh I cant wait. Have fun this weekend!


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