Friday, September 2, 2011

I have a houseguest tonight

Pyjama party at my house tonight, my grandson is here for his first sleepover and I'm a little bit excited. I've pretty well stayed away from him for the last four weeks, which has been torturous but necessary because of how sick I've been.

My clever little man has been sleeping up to seven hours at night for most of this week, so he's been in practice for his first sleepover. He'll be ten weeks old on Monday and is sleeping most of the night - I told you he was the most blissed out, calm baby in the world.

My cat is checking him out at the moment, I just wasn't quick enough to get my camera out of my handbag as she circled and observed him with great interest. She's not used to little people.

Well today was our final day of preparation for the arrival of the project team on Monday. My administrator replacement (she's an absolute godsend) and I have run around the last few days like chickens with our heads cut off endeavouring to have everything prepared for Monday.

We have moved, jiggled, crammed and restructured rooms, furniture and people with an aim of fitting all of the team into the space we have been allocated and ensuring they all have filing cabinets, desks, laptops, stationery etc etc. It's been no easy task and we have copped plenty of flak for the purloining of certain items, removal of others. But in the end I think we're all good to go for Monday.

Monday will be a very very loooonnnngg day. Early start for co-admin partner and I to ensure everyone has full building and safety induction, then morning tea, project 'showbags' and an introduction from the Managing Director. Then distribution of laptops, desks, security passes (security photos also to be taken of everyone) and all of the other paraphernalia. Then it's about getting everyone's computer access, emails and printer access established. Sounds simple but will be a mammoth task.

We then have meetings, orientation and meet the team activities. Mid afternoon we're off to get everything set up at the local hotel for drinks and nibblies for the project team and this will include management from the consulting firms we'll be working with and the governing councils from all of the businesses that have allowed us to 'borrow' their people for the project.

I'm sure Monday night I will fall into bed and be asleep before my head hits the pillow. We have a massive day planned and for me it's been 13 months coming, so in some ways I thought it would never get here and in other ways it feels like we haven't had enough time to get ready.

Being sick over the last month for myself, my boss and co-admin partner has been immensely challenging and has made things twice as difficult but I'm looking forward to the kick off on Monday.

Well I'm off to prepare a bath for our littlest houseguest and to spend some time playing with the gorgeous little man. Youngest MM was itching to have a cuddle and has commandeered him (in other words my youngest has moved away from the X-Box to play with his nephew, nothing short of a miracle). I'll get him to assist with the bath as well. I plan on enjoying a relaxing evening with my favourite men which will enable me to recharge my batteries for next week.

Have a great weekend all,

Cheers, Fi

Optimism is the foundation of courage ~ Nicholas Murray Butler

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  1. Enjoy your littlest houseguest -- how can you not!

    And have a great day Monday.

    I may or may not be online.



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