Monday, September 5, 2011

My gold star effort day

Do you know that feeling when something goes really, really well? When you finally know that months of hard work and pulling your hair out has finally paid off. Well that's me today.

Our first day of having all of the full time project team members under one roof, both from our company and the consulting firm.

It was an exhausting day and there weren't many moments where I actually sat down today, but we pulled it off and it was a massive success.

It was like Christmas today as everyone congregated in one space full of excitement and goodwill. Desks were assigned and everyone received brand new laptop computers, screens, docking stations etc.

Trying to organise that many people and set up all of their systems access, emails, their paperwork and all of the other requirements was huge. We provided morning tea for the project team and members of the IT group, followed by lunch and then we finished up with a get to know you drinks and nibbles at a local pub this evening. Really, I feel like all I did today was organise people and feed them.

Today was the easy part - provide equipment, feed people and provide an opportunity for them to all network and get to know each other. The remainder of this week will be orientation of the software and project documentation, setting up project guidelines and principles and training for certain systems. Next week the serious work will begin with foundation training in the new system.

I am so excited and energised by what lies ahead and can finally smile about the frustrations of the last twelve months. Yeah there are those of you who have been reading my posts over the last year and probably wondered like me, if this day would ever arrive.

Well the day did arrive and we nailed it today with the kick off party. When I whinge about the mountain of work in the coming months, about how project life can be excruciating and how the people can be damn annoying then you have my permission to remind me that at one stage I was euphoric about the whole thing.

Tonight I'll go to sleep with a smile on my face because the day did finally arrive and everything which could be done to ensure it's success, was in fact done damn well. Woohoo!

Cheers for now, Fi


  1. So exciting when we see the hard work pay off and what lays ahead for us in the next steps of an adventure we have worked so hard on.
    Great job!

  2. good for you!!
    now, off to bed. tomorrow is another day...


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