Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Words of Wisdom 5

Wednesday's are now my Words of Wisdom posts. These will be brief posts (as opposed to my normal long ramblings). In essence I will share with you something I've discovered, read or learnt during the week.

Our move to new offices means a longer drive time for me, so when I read about creating calm in your car this week it seemed an appropriate thing to share with you. The full article can be found here.

Creating calm in your car - source Body and Soul
•  Make your car a sanctuary. Keep it tidy and well maintained.
•  Approach drive time as useful time, not just about getting from A to B.
•  Set the tone for each trip. Sit calmly and hold the wheel gently.
•  Aim to stay present instead of being in automatic mode.
•  At every red light, focus on breathing gently.
•  Tune into your posture. Stay straight but relaxed.
•  Talk to yourself like a wise guru after every minor frustration.
•  Let your car reflect an attitude of self-care. Have inspirational tapes or healthy snacks on board.

Some of these things might be difficult for me - inspirational tapes and snacks, mmm not so sure. I can say that I'll probably be doing a lot of breathing gently because there's a heck of a lot of traffic lights between home and the office (maybe one day I'll count them)

So what about you, long drive or short drive to work?

Cheers, Fi

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