Saturday, September 24, 2011

My husband has moments of brilliance

Once in a while, on very rare occasions, my husband has moments of brilliance - not that I would tell him that. His flash of apparent brilliance last night has yet to be proven so I'm still only mildly convinced.

I've been harping on this week in my posts about the imbalance in my life, so for starters his ESP is working well because he doesn't read my blog which makes his flash of brilliance even more amazing. Mind you, my less than happy attitude (translated -  grumpy attitude) might also be some indication that a solution might be needed.

At the moment I leave home in the mornings at 6.45am (this is torturous for a non-morning person) I drop my son at work and then I start the trek to my own workplace. I arrive at work at about 7.35, give or take a few minutes and the drive is not too painful. The thing is, I don't need to start until 8.30am but if I leave home any later, then I spend double the time stuck in traffic and the drive to work is beyond hellish.

As is the case, if I arrive at work at this hour then invariably the work starts once I walk through the door - I'm the fixer of all at this hour (because no-one else is there yet)  I then don't finish till 5pm and that's if I'm lucky, and the drive home is frequently an hour or more and some nights is similar to a kamikaze run. I get home most nights after 6 and then have dinner and all the other tasks ahead of me.

My blog and my writing is my relaxation but by the time I finally get to sit down at night and write I'm beyond exhausted. So here's hubby's flash of brilliance - why don't I drop son at work and then drive to the train station (10 minutes away) and catch the train to work. Yes this means an hour on the train morning and night, but he reasons if I take my laptop then I can write during that time instead of fighting with the traffic nazis.

I have to try this out because I'm not sure of the logistics of writing on a train with the peak hour rush around me, but at the very least I could probably read or listen to music and not get to work quite so early. It would also utilise the travelling time more effectively and assist with the lack of 'me' time. I'm going to give it a go on Monday morning and will let you know if it's successful or not.

Further to achieving greater work / life balance, I've been compiling a list of 101 challenges to accomplish in 1001 days - thank you Tilly at The Laughing Housewife and Sarah at Sarsm for initiating the challenge. My list is now up on a tab on my blog (taking the place of my goal-setting page) and I'll provide updates as I go along.

The project that I'm a part of for work is meant to take 3.5 years - all being well, that's 1278 days to completion. So if I complete 101 tasks in 1001 days, I should be finished towards the end of 2014, and what a well rounded person I should be in time for the wrap up of the project. Okay life still needs to happen in around all of that, so lets see how we go.

So there's my steps for greater work / life balance and a happier me - what about you, are you all good or are you in need of some balancing mechanisms also?

Cheers, Fi


  1. Your new means of transport will also benefit the planet, so triple advantages. Give your husband a gold star!

  2. What a great idea (riding the train)! And...enjoy the completing of challenges! Blessings.

  3. I had a flash of brilliance once but, sadly, there were no witnesses and it passed without receiveing the acclaim it so richly deserved.

  4. this needs to be framed and hung up for ever!!!

  5. Hi Fi ~~ Isn't it nice to have a brilliant person around! You might even like his idea so I'd try it.
    Our Texas daughter is living in London now. The family sold their two cars and everyone takes the Tube or bus. They would like to live like that all the time. ;)
    Happy 6WS! Cheers,

  6. Best part of this post? "traffic nazis" :)

    (visting from 6WS)

  7. Glad to see someone else doing the 101 in 1001 days! :) I'm doing it too!

  8. Nice Site...NEW GFC FOLLOWER!!!

    Stopping by to check out what's going on at your blog.

    Stop by my blog if you like.

    Found you on the Six Word Saturday Post.


  9. Wow!! That IS brilliant! And those are a great six words!

    You head for the train, I head for the gym! Hope both our test runs work out!!


  10. Taking the train in will likely serve you well--whether it is time to write or just relax.

    Thanks for stopping by, taking the time, and making the effort to leave a comment.

    101 tasks in 1001 days...hmmmm.

  11. Good idea to take the train. Hope it works out. Should be much less stressful.

    And good luck being a 101/1001-er!

  12. Fantastic!! I'm really happy you're joining us.

    I'm nodding along with this post, I'm not a morning person either.

    I often write in busy places (generally doctors waiting rooms/hospitals at the moment). If I'm into what I'm writing I can zone out and really 'pour it out'.

    A potential another thing we have in common? ;-)

  13. hi dear and thank you so much for dropping by !

    I really enjoy your tale, your husband has surely a huge sens of humor

    I really agreed with you about the work/life balance

    Grace so late and on her way to the brunch family

    nice sunday

  14. I think riding the train is a great idea. We have an awesome transportation system here. Wish I could ride ours to work but I have to pick up the kiddos which is no where near our MAX station. He is brilliant! Let us know how it goes. And glad you got some time with your grandson. He is so cute and cuddly I bet!


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