Sunday, September 4, 2011

In search of a healthy balance

Sunshine and spring days - gotta love them. Fathers Day in Australia today and we went for a nice Chinese meal with hubby's family.

I rang my dad who is just a little too far away for a visit and then the rest of the day I spent doing very little. Hubby unfortunately had a shortened day because he's working an afternoon shift today.

I'm still struggling with fatigue and a lack of energy so I've been doing some research on healthy balance and restoring energy levels after the flu. For a person who is constantly on the go and usually full of energy I'm finding this situation very frustrating.

I found an interesting page on lemons and the health benefits. Ironically while I was sick and coffee tasted disgusting, this is what I craved, hot lemon drinks. It's amazing how sometimes our bodies know what they need before we do. I'm thinking with all of the health benefits of lemons that I probably should maintain this healthy habit.

I've found a couple of good healthy living blogs which appealed to me - The Wellness Warrior and Body & Soul - so I've added them to my regular reading list. These blogs are a balance of eating well, living well, thinking well. In other words a balance of mind, body and soul. Since being sick I've felt remarkably off balance and I'm sure the quitting smoking has added to that feeling as well.

There's a new series called Wild Boys which is just about to start on television and which from all the reviews sounds really good. I'm not a huge television fan but will check this show out because it's a little different from the normal TV series. Bushrangers, stage coach holdups, horses and bad boys - definitely a change from the normal viewing and also said to portray Australia's bushranger history.

Have a great week all, if I have any energy left after tomorrow's momentous day then I'll be here to share my day with you.

Cheers, Fi

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  1. I was afraid to mention the cigarettes but have been wondering how you were doing. It's great to hear you're still off them.

    Have a great week yourself and hopefully you'll feel stronger each day.


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