Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lovin' my new space

I couldn't resist showing you my new office space. It's hard not to get excited about a bright, spacious new area when you've come from an office that was drab, mouldy smelling and which had no windows.

Not to mention the old offices were riddled with white ants, mice and every other rodent and creepy crawly thing in existence. Lets face it, the old office building was way past it's use by date and will shortly be a pile of rubble.

Compare that description to this - my new desk and office space

It's not even the fact that the building is new that I like, it's the windows and the bright open spaces and the multiple little chill and chat areas that exist for use during lunch breaks. The new office has such a nice feel about it, which is exceptionally important when you spend so many hours each day in the place.

The forty five minute drive each way is a bit of a drag, but you have to take the good with the bad. My driving time has become my thinking time each day.

So I've just googled healthy office spaces and someone did their homework in our new building because we tick most of the boxes. Not a bad effort and the 'new space' definitely makes my days more enjoyable. What's your workspace look like?

Cheers, Fi


  1. This is lovely and bright.

    I over look a magnificent view of the river valley six stories below.

  2. It looks really lovely, I'm glad you like it.

    I'm thrilled with our new office too, as you know. Today's the first day the girl I work with and I had to work late, and as the sun was setting it shone straight into our room so that we couldn't really see our computer screens, but we wouldn't pull down the blinds because it's such a novelty to us to have natural light.

  3. Very nice. Having a nice office space, work area, definetly does make going to work a little bit easier. Although don't like commuting but like you said take the good with the bad.


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