Sunday, September 18, 2011

In charge of re-writing my life script

I posted the link to 'How to Live a Better Story' yesterday because it was a post that really resonated with me.

I've always been a big believer that we are the masters of our own destinies and that we're the ones at the steering wheel of life.

There's a multitude of metaphors that I could use here for life and the path that lies ahead, but I kinda like thinking of our lives as a story and that sometimes we need to create better scenes. Life is too short to be participating in a tacky, badly written story.

The essence of a good story contains good well rounded characters, some action, plenty of healthy emotion, a sense of satisfaction and achievement, and a feeling of making a difference.

My life doesn't need any more excitement or action but it definitely needs a happier main character. This main character needs a little less action and drama and a lot more balance and satisfaction. I need to figure out how I can help the main character in my story feel happier and more content. Not that she's depressed, far from it, she's just lacking self fulfillment.

This was my realisation this week 'All of us have moments in our lives in which we realise how fleeting our time on this earth really is. It is then when we stop and wonder if we are settling for a life of mediocrity or living the life we really want'

I need to go back and re-read my bucket list because somewhere along the way I've gotten a little side tracked with what I want to achieve. Admittedly, being sick for almost a month has really thrown me off balance, but I think my inertia began earlier this year with some of the dramas with my boys. I let myself get bogged down with fear and worry.

My bucket list was my list of to do's before I turn 40, which is ..... egads.... only 48 days away. It's spring time in Adelaide and spring to me is about rejuvenation, new beginnings. The thing I love about spring is the colour and light, the abundance of flowering trees and little buds of blossoming life. Flowers and hope and life.

My completed novel which was one of my biggest life goals and which I finally achieved, still sits waiting for it's final edit. My words that I posted on the 1st May were 'six months of writing have resulted in 32 chapters, containing 207 pages with 81301 words' and yet I have done nothing more with it. My masterpiece sits untouched, unloved and yet every part of my being was poured into creating it.

So I will be taking some time to get my head back together and re-focussed on achieving my goals. Because the reality is that the only person who can write my life story is me and I've been doing a rather sad attempt at it lately.

What about you, have you lost step lately and need to do some re-aligning on the path of life?

Cheers, Fi

This life is only what we make of it, and we only get one. Live your amazing life now!

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.


  1. It's too easy to put these things off. Why not join our 101/1001 challenge, as a way of putting your goals out in public, so you feel obliged to act on them? It's working for me.

    This is not self-promotion, btw; I just wanted to share something that is helping me do the things I keep putting off but really want to do.

  2. I find that life ebbs and flows -- and when I am in the ebb, it isn't that I am pulling back from 'my goals', it is that I am resting, nurturing, reassessing -- or just plain stalling!

    I have two novels that never moved beyond my desktop -- not sure what that says, but thanks for the push. I need to reassess and take action!


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