Saturday, October 1, 2011

Family, Fun, Frivolity, Food and Football

Those 6 words sum up my Saturday pretty well. I'm in the Riverland (a three and a half hour drive from home) staying with my brother and sister-in-law for the Australian Labour Day long weekend. Youngest son and I made the drive up yesterday afternoon and surprised them and my parents with our visit.

We left hubby and middle son home to engage in some father / son bonding - otherwise known as arguing and disagreeing or 'I know more than you and don't argue with me'. It's definitely a male thing and they get on so much better when mum is not around to have to referree. Youngest and I were happy to escape to the country.

Today is the grand final for Australian Rules Football, so of course there's no better excuse for a huge amount of food and frivolity than a footy match on the big screen watched with friends and family. Neither of the two teams slugging it out for the premiership title are on my list of favourites, but I can drink a few alcohol beverages, eat copious amounts of food and scream and yell with the best of them if the occasion warrants it.

I'm sitting on my 'borrowed' bed at my brothers house writing this post and it's before 8am, how tragic - I'm on little getaway holiday and I was awake this morning at 6.30. You know how it is when you stay away from home and your body is still 'on a get up early for work' timeclock. The sun is shining through the back window and it looks set to be a superb spring day. Not bad after days and days of rain.

I'm hesitant to venture into the house just yet and wake up all of the 'normal' people. If I do then the dogs bark because I'm a stranger in the house, which will then wake my nephew up, so I force myself to sit on my bed and catch up on my reading in the blogosphere and leaving a few comments. I'm sure you know how hard that is to just rest, relax and indulge in guilty pleasures?

I hear the sounds of stirring in the house, so I may venture forth. I won't post this till later today (when it actually is Saturday in the US and Cate has posted the link up page) so I may come back with some pictorial beauty of my day, or I may not. Hope you all have a super day filled with the five F's, well at least four of them because it's probably not football season where you are unless you're one of my Aussie readers.

Cheers, Fi

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  1. Hello again Fi

    it's always a travel to read you actually. I have discover that you are in australia, can't believe I didn't notice it last time.
    Well, I love this post because I was to my sister house last week and felt exactly the same regarding the house atmosphere, the clock moment and also the rest guilty pleasure...

    Nice share for the SW6, wish you a nice day of fest and hope for the pictures.


  2. Lovely way to spend the day.

  3. okay...everything good, except, football...the Vikings kinda are not on my good list....

  4. It can be so hard to slow down and simply breathe in the moment. Glad you had a chance to (and without the spirited bickering).

    It is American Football season here--both pro and college. I couldn't tell you which teams are playing today, I have too much other stuff to keep track of. *lol*

    Happy Saturday to you!
    (via 6WS)

  5. Enjoy your time - how fun! Blessings!

  6. Enjoy your Saturday sounds like FUN!!

  7. have fun with the strange when you go back "home" and realize you are the visitor!

  8. fi,
    I cannot find an email address for you...can you email please?


  9. What a great way to spend the weekend! With extended family having some great fun! Love your comment about your older son and your hubby male bonding; I do think sometimes they do get along better when we step out of the picture (at least that was the case with hubby and our now 22 y/o son)

    (thanks for your comment on our blog, a corgi in southern california; diabetes is somewhat common in older dogs and overweight dogs; Koda was a bit overweight plus the prednisone they gave him in the beginning is known to raise blood sugar so that is probably what tipped the scale for him developing it;he's a good dog though so its been worth the effort :)

    again enjoy your weekend!


  10. Stopping by from SIX WORD SATURDAY!!

    Stop by my blog if you are hungry....I have a post about Saturday food today. :)


  11. Those sound like 6 wonderful words for a Saturday. Enjoy!

    (visiting from 6WS)

  12. EnJOY your visit and your happy Labour Day celebrations!

  13. Now that's how to spend a Saturday! Happy 6w Sat!

  14. A stop and smell the roses kind of day and time. Lovely.

  15. Sounds wonderful. Great Saturday, and lots of memories.

  16. Fi...I just read your comment on my 6WS post...I would love to see a photo of your sunshine tattoo! And I hope you signed up for my giveaway and I hope you win it! That's Sol spirit!

  17. nice program!!
    i'd be up for that, even your football!!

  18. Hope the entire weekend was lovely. Thanks for joining in!


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