Saturday, September 3, 2011

Everyone needs a dream - what's yours?

Martin Luther king famously said the words 'I have a dream' in a 17-minute public speech delivered on August 28, 1963, a speech in which he called for racial equality and an end to discrimination.

His words were powerful and inspirational and even today everyone recognises those four little words. Well I have a dream and while it's not as powerful or as world changing as Luther-King's dream, it's my dream. It's not yet a goal, because a goal is something that I set for myself and which I work towards step by step.

My dream is something that came from a meeting many years ago during my childhood. I met an inspirational woman whose name was Francoise, she was a french backpacker who stayed with my family for a short while. All those years ago, this woman was living my dream. She was a backpacker / writer travelling around the world with her typewriter in her backpack and very little else in the way of personal possessions.

She travelled from home to home - family to family, writing about her adventures as she made her way around the world. I think in fact she came to us via family members in another state. Francoise was not a young adventurous and carefree girl but a middle aged woman living a very simple and carefree life.

This is my dream, and  I say dream because at this stage in my life, I could not pack up and head off overseas without a care in the world. It's something that I dream of doing in years to come when my children have left home and I have the freedom to do so. Sadly hubby would be left behind as well, because that's what would allow me the ability to write and create and just simply be me.

That's how I envisage the dream. Me, my laptop, my camera and the freedom to roam and record my journey and my adventures. No plans, no responsibilities, no worries. Tuscany, Egypt, Rome, Paris, Canada - the sky is the limit.

So that's my dream, what's yours?

Cheers, Fi

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We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing. ~ Louisa May Alcott


  1. I have this dream of hearing the news commentator say something like: "And now, the daily world-wide combat body count: ZERO."

  2. On a mountain in the blue ridge. A little house tucked in a hollow. Me, my cats, my books and sketch books and something to write on. And I guess my husband too since I'm pretty used to him being around. I'd just have to send him to town for supplies alot ; )

  3. I do have a dream (which I don't want to share at the moment, because it's so fragile)...but thank you for asking!

    6WS: Insomnia

  4. Awesome dream. One of my dreams was actually backpacking Europe. I, like you, wont be doing that anytime soon though. Someday though. BTW, I read your write up on WMB a couple days ago! I had my first child when I was in HS too between my junior/senior year. Have a grat Saturday!

  5. Fi...I love your dream... and think you should do it.
    Me...mine is to sit in a tiny little shack by the beach and write... all day long with no other worries! Well that is after I have created all of the outreach programs I would LOVE to create!

  6. To keep on, hold on and ejoy the ride!

  7. that's an awesome cool thing to want to do!!! my dream...would be to not worry about having a job so i could just do what i want and be...for as long as i want!!! :D

  8. A great dream and I hope it comes true for you! I've often fantasized traveling across the USA in a camper doing much the same thing. Unfortunately, I worry about how I'll eat and pay for the gas to do so...

  9. Visiting from Six-Word Saturday. I liked reading about Francoise and her living out her dream; glad she impacted your life in such a way when you were younger. I do hope one day you get to fulfill your dream; it does sound like a great adventure! I think these days I'm afraid to do much dreaming about things.......

    I hope your weekend is a relaxful one!

  10. Great dream...there are a few places I hope to visit someday if $$$ wasn't an obstacle.

  11. oh yes - Francois was such an inspiration and so much fun! I can still see her lying in that little kid's wading pool cooling off in Fiona Street (yes for those who wonder - we did live in such a street!)

    I had a dream (actually there have been a number of them over the years, which have been realised - I think it gets back to positive thinking and believing YOU CAN DO IT) and now I'm pretty much living my dream since we've moved to Renmark! Wouldn't swap our life style for quids.

    My favourite motto or creed that I tend to live by "if it's to be, it's up to me"

  12. Just letting you know I've added a link to my 6WS post for you about Labour Day in Australia.

  13. Hold onto your dream: lives change. I bet MLK often thought his dream would remain a dream for a long time to come; he may never have imagined a President Obama. Someday, maybe, you will make it happen.

  14. i don't know if i have a deam [still}. life didn't quite turn out the way i dreamt, but reflecting upon that, perhaps my dreams would have been a wrong fit for me after all.

    if there's still a dream in me, perhaps it would be walking barefoot in a field in Tuscany (which i've never actually visited...) in the early morning hours when all is quiet but for the birds waking up and the sun rising above the horizon...

    simple enough, one would think!!


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