Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why do people stay?

I used to have the best job in the world, working with some awesome people. So what happened to change all of that - the economy and a big change within the management team. Last night a former employee and also good friend started a Facebook page for all of us who used to work there and no longer do. We either left through redundancy or the need to spread our wings and search new horizons, within 26 minutes there were in excess of 30 members and the number is still growing as people find out about the page.

Don't get me wrong, I have a good job now - I followed the General Manager to a new place of employment, but what I miss most is the friendship and the camaraderie that existed in the place. I miss that in my new job. So many of us from the old place are still good friends and what was forged in that place was a whole heap of lifelong friendships.

I've been out of there for 8 months, yet I still feel the pain of what is happening to those that remain. Being the HR Coordinator in the place meant that I knew everyone and that it was a part of my job to help boost morale and keep the lines of communication open for all those who worked there. I worked as much for the employees as I did for the company.

It's often said that if you don't like your job then life is too short to stay somewhere you're not happy. Yet so many of us stayed because of the sense of 'family' that existed.

The Facebook page was a brilliant idea because it means that so many of us can re-connect and maintain those friendships that were a huge part of our everyday working life. Now people are talking about the need to organise a big reunion. As the former head of the Social Club Committee, the idea holds a lot of appeal, so I will be looking at the best way to make that happen.

What about you - what makes you stay in your current workplace? Is it an awesome job, the people you work with or simply a way to earn a dollar?

A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself. ~ Anon


  1. I do know of what yuo talk about here- I have stayed in touch with many work friends now that I am retired....and it's always great to see them.

  2. i started working at the hospital since i felt it was my calling. i loved my patients. but due to back injuries, i was relocated to other duties... what was once a vocation turned into a simple paycheck every two weeks... bummer!!

  3. I tend to ignore bloggers who 'wanna be my friend'. There are so many interesting and intelligent people writing in the blogosphere, I just don't bother with this immature stuff.

  4. Thanks for dropping by

    Kathe - I think we spend so much of our time at work that it stands to reason that some of our dearest friends come from our jobs.

    Ticklebear - sorry to hear about your back injuries, work is always more fun when we 'love' what we are doing.

    Karyn - I think I will take this view also


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