Friday, April 22, 2011

I'll paint you a rainbow

What happens when you have an old shoulder injury and you sleep with your arm curled under your pillow and don't move for 6 hours? You wake up like I did at 4am this morning and can't roll over. My shoulder feels like someone has pulled it out of its socket, rotated it 360 degrees and then poked it back in the socket. Not good at all!

When I'm stressed I feel it in my neck and shoulder blades and its been getting progressively worse all week - silly me, because I should have gone to the chiro this week, I go fortnightly but thought I could cope with it until my appointment next Thursday. See I'm an adult and I still get it wrong. Now I have an Easter 5 day break ahead and nothing is open. Such is life!

We have friends coming for dinner tonight so I have been madly cooking and cleaning all day and now I'm about ready to curl up and go to sleep. Hopefully a couple of relaxing drinks tonight and the pain will ease up.

I have holidays for the next 11 days, so I plan on relaxing and getting my act back together. Reading, writing and not much else is all that's on the agenda. I'd also like to get out in the front garden next week but we'll see how the shoulder goes in the next few days.

I'm not feeling very inspired today, so I'd like to share this poem with you. It's written by Grace E. Easley and you can find it and others here.

I'll paint you a rainbow

I'll paint you a rainbow to hang on the wall,
to brighten your heart when the gray shadows fall.
On a canvas of joy outlasting the years,
with a soft brush of sweetness to dry all your tears.
I'll paint you a rainbow with colors of smiles
That glow with sincerity over the miles.
On a palette of words I will tenderly blend
Tones into treasures of sunlight and wind.

I'll paint you a rainbow that reaches so wide,
Your sights and your sorrows will vanish inside,
And deep in the center of each different hue,
A memory fashioned especially for you.
So lift up your eyes, for suspended above,
A rainbow designed by the fingers of love...

This art of resting the mind and the power of dismissing from it all care and worry is probably one of the secrets of energy in our great men. ~ Captain J.A Hadfield


  1. I love your poem you posted tonight. I will have to go check ou the other ones on his site. Than you for the link. Hope you ahve a wonderful dinner and enhoy the tiem with family and loved ones.
    Pray you are feeling better soon and that the pain and stiffness will bring releif through Gods divine touch.

  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts Bethe.

    Had a lovely night with some really good friends and my shoulder is a little better today, so all good.

    Hope you have a lovely Easter

    Cheers, Fi


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