Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm not a morning person

There are people who bounce out of bed at a ridiculous hour with unlimited energy and then there are people who drag theselves out of bed and spend the first several hours of the day in a fog. I'm one of the 'drag themselves out of bed' people.

Over the years I've tried to be a morning person, I really have. It's much more conducive to be a morning person when you have children and work a 9-5 job but I've realised that you can't be what you aren't.

Sure I've had brief moments of being a morning person, like when we've gone camping and I've rolled out of bed at the crack of dawn. More because the birds are usually screeching and the sounds of nature and my family have woken me than a desire to be up. I do honestly love the early morning when the sun is coming up and everything is fresh and new but my body just won't accommodate me.

I am quite simply a night person, my creativity fires up when the sun goes down and that's when I get some of my best writing done. It's nothing for me to sit up till 1 or 2 in the morning tapping away on the keyboard. All well and good this week when I'm on holidays but next week I'm back to the drag myself out of bed scenario.

Hubby is a morning person (frustratingly so sometimes) and at times I wonder how we co-exist. He'll bound out of bed at 5am and be bright and alert, his favourite shift at work being a 6am start. Ergh! It will take the alarm, snooze button and numerous calls from him to get my body into gear and out of my cosy cocoon.

Two of my three boys are night people, the youngest is still to be determined but he has leanings towards being a morning person. Late nights and school holidays on the X-Box are messing with his normal patterns so it still remains to be seen which one he will eventually become.

So what about you - day or night person?

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day. ~ Vincent Van Gogh


  1. I was definitely a night person, and probably still would be if I hadn't had a child who woke at 5.30am for the last six years and simply couldn't manage to stay alone and quiet until a decent hour. I now, usually, happily rise at 6.00am and enjoy that early morning time. It will be interesting to see if I revert back to my old ways when the kids have gone.

  2. Karyn,

    I think you may revert - I did :)

  3. definitely a night person. it was a nightmare for my mom when i was a kid as i just didn't want to go to bed. when i was in college, i could be up all night doing my projects, and presenting them during the day. i'm still pretty much up at night, but my work is now a day shift since 2003, so i do have to drag myself out of bed, grudgingly... but i do so two hours before departure time, to have time to drink my coffeepot and come out of my zombie state... and seeing the sunrise is a plus. i used to see it before going to bed. now i see it when i get up.
    oh well!!

    as for morning people, there should be a law against that. i've been with such people and i must admit they would cause in me some homicidal thoughts...


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