Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The value of doing the honourable thing

13 year old MM came home yesterday with the news that he'd lost his wallet whilst out riding with his friends. Despite me driving him back along the way he'd ridden and both of us walking the entire length of the bike track they'd ridden down, we were unable to find it. He was somewhat upset at the loss of $30 which for someone his age is quite considerable. Lets face it these days none of us can really afford to lose $30.

Today I was reassured that there still are beautiful and honest people in the world - a phone call from the police station to say his wallet had been handed in complete with the $30. So a big heartfelt thank you goes out to the wonderfully honest couple who found it and handed it in, you've made a 13 year old young man very happy and taught him the value of doing the right thing.

Hopefully when I take him down later to collect it we will be able to get their details so that he can thank them himself.

It's amazing how small little things like this can boost your belief and your faith in people. Hubby once found a bumbag with wallet and mobile phone in it and quite a considerable amount of money with identification indicating it belonged to an 18 year old lad. He did the right thing and contacted the owner, whose mother came round to collect it and thanked my hubby. The owner of the bumbag - not a word. If that had of been my son, he would have come round and done the thanking himself, even if I had to physically take him around myself.

It all comes back to my belief, however skewed some might say it is, that what goes around comes around. It's something that I continually try to reinforce in my children. How have you had your faith in human kindness restored lately?

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. ~ Mahatma Gandhi


  1. How wonderful to have the wallet turned in. Yes! he needs to go thank them It is wonderful to know that there is still honest people out there.
    Im not sure I can think of a moment right now that builds my faith in people except the story you just shared.
    Yes wwhat one does and how one acts does come around I agree with that 100%

  2. Bethe - couldn't believe it - took him down to pick it up and because of privacy laws the police wouldn't give us the people's details.

    They tried ringing them for us while we were there but the people weren't answering.

    So annoyed that he couldn't thank them himself, but I'm sending lots of good thoughts their way :)

  3. i found a couple of wallets in my life, contacted the owners and mailed them their wallets. never got to meet them in person. i guess i felt too busy to take the time. but they seemed relieved that nothing bad had happened with their cards and money. i can understand the feeling as i once lost everything, and had only an old passport for 3 weeks to prove my identity. my wallet was never found...


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