Saturday, April 30, 2011

Here's proof - I'm not princess material

Okay so I'm sure that I won't be the only person posting about the royal wedding today - after all it's everywhere we turn at the moment, television, newspapers, facebook and it will be for weeks to come as it's talked about and dissected minute by minute.

So many rules - it's a wonder how this marriage ever eventuated. All 1900 guests were sent a 22 page rule book of the do's and don'ts of acceptable behaviour for the royal wedding - are you serious?

I guess I felt sad because of all the rules surrounding the royal wedding. In my mind a marriage is meant to be personal and intimate and it's meant to be the celebration of the start of a couples new life together. I love this couple for their realism and their ability to be so down to earth and yes I know being a member of the Royal family demands certain rules but.......(deep sigh here)

Anyway here's 10 reasons why I will never be a princess.

1) I'd want to wear pale pink because I look disgustingly washed out in white or cream

2) I'm a hugger, so I'd find it hard not to hug or touch any member of my new family without them initiating it or giving me permission to do so

3)  None of the guests were allowed to get drunk at the reception, which would mean that none of my friends would turn up (well a few would)

4) I'd have bare arms, there would be no lace or covered arms for me

5) Flowers in my hair would be a must - hang the tiara

6) I wouldn't be able to resist telling the step mother-in-law that she didn't read her rulebook which said that no guests were allowed to wear white or cream and upstage the bride (even though I'd be in pink)

7) I would have cried during the ceremony (apparently no show of open emotion is allowed - at a wedding? - how is that possible, I always cry at weddings)

8) When my husband kisses me for the first time as a married couple then I'd want him to act like he bloody well means it, not just a chaste little kiss which fits the rules.

9) I'd want my guests to share in my special day not be seated almost a kilometre away at the back of the church.

10) I love bright coloured flowers and gerberas are one of my favourite flowers so probably not suitable for a princess bouquet.

So there you go, that's why I married my hubby, because I would have failed princess school.

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  1. We must be two of a kind. My Beloved Sandra Frequently reminds me: "Listen, honey, you're no Prince Charming."

  2. Ron - my hubby's not Prince Charming either but I wouldn't have him any other way

  3. Oh I know...I wish that everyone could have just relaxed and enjoyed everything. But all in all I thought William and Kate looked like they had a good time. I think they are a good couple...and I wish them well.


  4. Love the post. I so agree with you. Weddings are a joyous ceremony and I would be a mess from all the crying, probably disowned from all the waving at each person I saw while walking down the isle, and most of all, I want to be barefoot or in flip-flops. So no princess here either. I hope my frog comes along soon!! I don't mind jumping around and definitely my first kiss would be more than a peck. Overall, she did great!

  5. That makes me not princess material either! LOL! Great 6WS post!!

  6. 'Every little girl's dream is to be a princess' - it wasn't mine! A 22 page rule book - wow! I hadn't heard that. I enjoyed reading this post - I am certainly not princess material either.

  7. i'm not big on protocole either...
    so no fairytale wedding for me. but it was lovely to watch.

    as far as the none touching goes, do you remember when Michelle Obama met the Queen and slipped her arm around her. the Queen took it in good spirit, even if it went against protocole. but it did create a bit of a fuss with the press...

  8. Remember the Michelle Obama thing well :)

    She was only doing what came naturally to her and while I understand the protocol at least the Queen took it in the manner it was intended.

    Press should butt out! I'm not anti press only the unscrupulous ones - still hold it against them for what they did to Diana.

    That's one mother who should have been there to witness the gorgeous man that her son has grown into.

  9. Nice post! Sounds like you made the right decision not to marry into the royal family. :)


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