Saturday, April 2, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Good things are worth waiting for!

I have to keep telling myself this, in fact it's become my mantra because quite simply I hate waiting for anything.

The big things on the horizon that I'm waiting impatiently for......

1)  The birth of my first grandchild. He's due in just under 14 weeks.

2)  Approval from the Board of Directors of the company I work for to kickstart our project that we've been preparing for since the middle of last year.

3)  Our trip to Bali in November. Hubby and I went for the first time last year (without the kids) and have promised we will take them this year. It will be their first overseas trip.

What about you, what are you impatiently waiting for?

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  1. OH! MAN! That is truly a loaded question. Right now I think it would be going to California to my daughters and grandchildren. That is the hugs one.
    The other would be to be totally out of debit! LOLOLOL
    Gee who doesnt want that one?
    I have so many.
    But for the life of me those two are the biggies right NOW!

  2. Beth - It must be hard when your daughter is some distance away. I know I find it hard with my parents and brother and sister-in-law being a four hour drive away.
    Thanks for dropping by. Cheers

  3. Bali - nice! I'm impatiently waiting for my cold to go away :( Here's mine:

  4. Indeed they are, and the goal of waiting and planning even more fun!

  5. Oh Wow!!! Have a really great trip to Bali with the family! That sounds so nice.

    I'm waiting to see my grandson's career take off. He is almost 21 and he is an excellent composer.

    He has had experience doing the scores for short films and documentaries...but He desires to be a Film Score Composer like Brian Tyler.

    He has met Brian and toured his studio when we were in Calif. And he had some of his work critiqued by him. I just know he will succeed and realize his dream someday!


  6. I'm impatiently waiting for some sense of stability. Life has been in a state of limbo for far too long.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!


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