Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shock, horror - I've become my mother!

Old age creeps up slowly for a while and then all of a sudden it up and slaps you in the face, it’s the realisation that you sound just like your mother and worse still, you understand why you are doing and saying the things you are to your children.

As an adult it’s hard to recall the angst of being a teenager. As you get older, your priorities change and what was life or death to you as a teenager suddenly seems so trivial as an adult. How do you maintain a balance when talking to your children, because while you vaguely recall the agony of being a teenage, you now have the worries and concerns of being a parent?

I often feel like life is one big marathon and I’m never going to finish the race. There are days when I breeze along, nothing touches me and I have the energy to run up mountains without pausing for breath. Then on other days I feel like I’m dragging a ten ton weight behind me and I don’t have the energy to scratch myself.

The last few days have been the ten ton variety and it hasn’t helped that I’ve been battling a cold (lovingly shared with me by the MM’s). Today I feel a little lighter because some of the weight has lifted and home is starting to feel somewhat normal again, largely because MM son has lightened up. I’m relieved that he is talking and socialising with us again and a lot of his anger from the weekend has lessened.

After all the drama of the last few days I realised that I didn’t mention about my new button on the sidebar. I’ve seen them on lots of websites and have wanted to create one for quite a while. I visited 5 different sites before I actually found instructions that worked or made sense. Making the graphics for the button was the easy part (this I can do) it’s the techie stuff with html that does my head in.

If you want to create your own button for your blog then Oikology 101 is where I found my info. The blog owner is a creative stay-at-home mum who has lots of interesting and creative posts on her blog. Her home page is here and the button information is from a post several years ago and can be found here.

Cheers, Fi

A person is not old until regrets take the place of dreams. ~ John Barrymore

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  1. Glad things are 'back to normal' and thank you so much for the 'button' inspiration -- I've wanted to do one too so I'm going to check Oikology out!


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