Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When boys become men.....

See, I finally have proof that I’m not the only abnormal person. Thank you to Heidi and Stacy (fellow non-chocolate eaters) for pointing out that I'm not the only one. You wouldn’t believe the strange looks you get when you say you don’t eat chocolate. Mind you, my family of males do their bit and eat enough chocolate to keep chocolate makers globally in business.

I arrived home from work yesterday to discover that 13 year old and 16 year old MM’s (who are currently on school holidays) had been hard at work in the front yard. An overgrown tree which was smothering the whole front garden had been cut down, plus all of the massive palm fronds on the trees at the front had been cut back. They had tidied everything up and had piled all of the cut branches into the trailer ready to be taken to the dump.

Then I heard the finer details and cringed in horror. Firstly 16 year old had shuffled the cars in the front yard around. He‘d then hooked the boat (the 4.5 metre long boat) onto his father’s car and moved it down the driveway so they could get the trailer from the back yard to the front yard – the boat had been in the way. He had then reversed the car and boat back up the driveway – I struggle to reverse my car in a straight line, let alone a car and boat. This is the ‘learner’ driver who has had his learners permit for 3 months!

They then proceeded to cut back all of the branches with their father’s chainsaw. When I raised my concerns to my son about this, he commented that there was no problem they’d used the smaller chainsaw not the big one. Oh, I feel so much better knowing that. That’s like comparing a small shark to a big shark – they both still have sharp teeth.

No wonder I’m going grey. I think I would have preferred not to have this knowledge. Granted the boys use a large variety of tools under their father’s guidance and are very responsible in their actions, but this has always been with adult supervision. Yes, he has shown them how to use them safely and he trusts them, but gees maybe this is pushing it a little!

When I questioned why on earth they were doing these tasks without one of us at home, all hubby had to say was ‘they shouldn’t have told you’. Yes back to the old ignorance is bliss, what mum doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

My hubby has always treated the boys like this and has the belief that if he shows them the correct and safe way to use everything then they will be fine. They probably do things that would make most people cringe, including me. They’ve driven scissor lifts on building sites and can competently use chainsaws, lawnmowers and whipper snippers; plus all varieties of power tools and welding equipment.

16 year old MM also drives the forklift at his part time job and the drivers who come in to load up often ask for him over the experienced forklift drivers because they say he’s better at it. Strangely enough I have more faith in their ability to use these tools then I do in my own but.... I still worry (lots)

There’s also the three against one scenario in my house, so what hope do I have???

Someone says, "Boys will be boys"; he forgot to add, "Boys will be men” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte


  1. Like me...none.

    I think I'd prefer not to know what is going on sometimes, but how cool that your boys took it upon themselves to complete a really useful and big job *and* they did it properly.

    I can just see ours doing the same one day. I wouldn't know whether to sigh or beam with pride. ;)

  2. Fi I always love reading your blog. It makes me laugh and you are so relatable I adore coming and traveling across the ocaen to see the beauty of your home. Thank you for sharing.
    Im awarding you the syltish blogger award. Pleae come pick up at my site. Blessings

  3. this is a lovely story! :)

    i found your blog at 6 word saturday, by the way...

    ps. i also hate chocolate! :D

  4. "No wonder I’m going grey."

    sorry, but i can't help laughing as i can very well imagine the scene, and your dismay. he teaches them skills, you teach them caution. they should be fine.


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