Sunday, April 8, 2012

Twenty five years too early for retirement

It's very quiet in the bloggy world this weekend, could it have something to do with Easter perhaps? Today was Day 3 of doing very little other than resting and relaxing and having some quality time with my mum and dad.

We went to the markets in Barmera this morning. I love country markets with their fresh fruit and vegies, down-to-earth people and all the country style crafty goods that people make. It's not commercialised like the city. Can you tell I'm a lover of country life?

Have you also noticed how laid back and calm country life is compared to city life? I've totally slipped into my mum and dads pace of life. That's retirement pace - 25 years ahead of when I need to be at retired pace.

Each day we have early breakfast (I'm waking at the crack of dawn from habit and the change back from daylight savings) and then mum and I take the dogs for a romp in the front yard. My sweet and innocent little girl becomes a big bully and beats up on my parents' placid, even-tempered spaniel, but they chase around after each other like idiots. Actually much like toddlers with attitude (my dog anyway)

Then we (being the people we) usually all jump in the car and go for a drive to explore, come back for lunch and then spend some time with the dogs out in the front yard. Mum and dad have a fenced area at the back of the house for the animals but the remainder of their 'country size' block is all unfenced. Lots of garden, lawned areas and an orchard down the side of the property, so the dogs have plenty of space to romp and play.

Then I do some reading and writing, have a little afternoon nanna nap and then I take my dog for a nice relaxing stroll along the river. Well until she sits down and refuses to walk any further, she is after all a baby and when she's had enough she refuses to walk any more. Nothing like a stubborn female.

Then mum and I cook dinner together and then both spend some time online, or reading and writing. Final romp with the dogs before lights out for them at bedtime. Then I spend some more time catching up on my reading and writing before I too crawl into bed and sleep like the living dead. I've said it before - this doing nothing is exhausting work.

I'm sure this 'retired' pace would wear thin for me after a while but boy is it appreciated and needed at the moment. I'm feeling quite chilled out and relaxed.

Back to the real world the day after tomorrow, so we'll see how long it lasts then. So, what has your weekend been like?

Cheers, Fi

Give your stress wings and let it fly away. ~ Terri Guillemets


  1. Country life is wonderful. Enjoy for me please!

    1. Happy to - I'm enjoying country life and relaxing for a number of people.

  2. Ahh I long for that retired simple times. One day. Glad you got to spend some downtime with your family and got to get out and visit some nice places. I will send you an invite in Pinterest. Hope you have/had a good first day back from holiday.

    1. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to enjoy the retired life now while we have the energy to do so


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