Friday, April 6, 2012

My head is held high

Rest and relaxation is so exhausting. My first day of holidaying in the Riverland and I'm ready for bed at 8.35. What did I do today that was so exhausting - I sat by the river and chatted with my family all afternoon. Mmmm tiring work.

The furkid was an absolute dream in the car coming up, she slept the entire four hour drive curled up on the front seat. Sure we stopped a couple of times and she got out and walked around, but she was perfect. In fact she could probably teach my children a thing or two about long distance travel and behaving oneself.

The boys and dad are all at home manning the fort - hopefully they're all playing nice. I read a post on World Moms Blog tonight about living in India and I've decided this could be the country that is waiting for my arrival. My reasons are;
  1. Sons are the income generator in the family and care for the aged parents (so they should, I need payback on my children)
  2. Sons are the progeny, they are responsible for family continuity (yes I love being a nani, so this suits me)
  3. To say one has a son rather than a daughter has an air of greater dignity amongst friends and relatives, it ensures a stronger hold on the society and helps one live with 'his head held high'. (My head is so high with self-importance thaat I'm walking in the clouds - Kidding!!)
So there you go, if I moved to India I would be worshipped and revered for having three boys. Mind you, as a female I would also have few rights in a country where females are viewed as liabilities and sons are assets. I would also have to live in the same house as my in-laws because it's expected that the son looks after his aged parents under his own roof.

On second thoughts, maybe I'll stay in Oz because as much as I love my in-laws, I know I couldn't live with them, I much prefer they're in their own house down the hill.

8.49 and my eyes keep closing - I'm feeling like an old, old lady today. I think maybe I might take myself off to bed.

Hope your Easter break is a good one

Cheers, Fi

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