Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trust the Universe's Plan

Do you ever feel like if you actually verbalise something then it won't happen. It's up there with not stepping on cracks and doing things in a particular order with the belief that if you don't then something bad will happen. Once upon a time I used to beat myself up with thoughts like this.

I believe we all suffer from moments of obsessive compulsiveness at some stage of our lives, all of mine used to be a part of my anxiety (many moons ago). Having recently discovered yoga, I wish I had of used it years ago when relaxation and a need to de-stress was important in my getting past my anxiety.
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These days I am confident enough and strong enough to realise that I can throw my thoughts out to the universe and trust that what will be... will be.

I  know that I'm not powerful enough to make things happen just because I verbalise them or do things a certain way.

What this line of thought really partly stems from is that hubby has finally acknowledged that I can take the new 'furkid' when I go away for Easter. Yay!

Not that I ever doubted it, I was taking her one way or the other, but we'll let him believe that he was in control of the situation.

I still had that split second moment of thinking if I tell you guys about it, then suddenly he'll change his mind - which had nothing to with anything other than that old 'anxiety' chestnut.

My plans for absconding under cover of darkness with the furkid smuggled out under a blanket are no longer necessary. We will leave in broad daylight with his blessing, grudging though it may be.
Daylight savings finished today so I got my extra hour of sleep this morning and still made it to puppy obedience class. The weather has been totally delightful for the last week - warm days with light breezes and plenty of sunshine. I don't want winter to ever arrive.
There's so many more things that I could write about anxiety and my life and the irony that my new job is in direct contradiction to what the old me was comfortable with. Further irony - our project is named the 'Universe' and I had nothing to do with the naming.

Perhaps that's another post because I'm mindful of not letting my mouth (or my fingers as the case is here) run away from me.

Hope you all have a sensational week

Cheers, Fi

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. So pleased you don't have to resort to "puppy napping" and can leave with a free conscience. As you know, I'm a great believer in fate - what's meant to be - will be!

    Only 3 more sleeps!

    1. Mum - you and dad were the original educators of the 'what will be, will be' theme ~grin~

  2. Just what I needed to read today. x

    1. Karyn, I think we all need to be reminded of some of these things occasionally. Hope all is okay


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