Sunday, April 15, 2012

Drama belongs in the movies, not real life

Some people love drama. They love making something out of nothing or making others miserable with their bitchy comments and their own self importance - like they know best. It frustrates the hell out of me.

Along the same line, why do others take pleasure in stirring someone else up? Doing and saying things to push buttons and cause drama. Angry words, spiteful actions - is this all to boost ones ego or build their own self importance? I'm not sure.

It's totally beyond me why people deliberately do these sorts of things. Engage in this petty, small minded behaviour.

Wake up - life is too short!!!!!

Around the world every day, people are starving, succumbing to life threatening diseases, dying in accidents. Why waste time creating drama and making others lives miserable? Get a life, start living and then causing drama won't seem quite as important.

This is far removed from what I was going to write about tonight but then I read something, dealt with something of my own and it all got me to wondering why people feel the need to judge, interfere or simply be spiteful.

I've recently started following a blog who's writer is going through some tough times and I understand once you put it out there then you leave yourself open to judgement and 'advice', but holy cow there's some extremely judgemental and spiteful people in this world. Most of them must read her blog and I wonder why you would put up with it.

No person should have to justify their life, their actions or their thoughts. Unless you've physically harming another, doing someing illegal or amoral then everyone else should respectfully butt out. Actually just bugger off is a better way of putting it without offending my mother.

My life has had its share of drama so I will take quiet, peaceful and normal any day. I hate fighting, I hate disharmony, I hate conflict and as much as I will stand up for someone who I feel has been wronged, I would never in a million years be spiteful or do / say something to deliberately upset or hurt another person.

For the record, tonight I was going to write about painting and singing and how I wish I had an inate talent to do both of these - but maybe that's another post.

Hope you've all had a delightful weekend - mine was sunny weather and good times with friends and family. Best kind of weekend and no time for pettiness and spitefulness. Living life people!

Cheers, Fi

The world perishes not from bandits and fires, but from hatred, hostility, and all these petty squabbles ~ Anton Chekhov

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  1. So true Fi. I always remind myself that 'like me, they too have suffered loss. Like me, they too have been hurt by others and have hurt others, and, Like me, they too are looking to love and be loved.'

    In that reminder, I remember to let their drama be their drama -- though it is sad that your blogging friend is being attacked.

    Good for you for speaking up! Thank you.


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