Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Got my thinking cap on

By the time I actually get here most nights I've usually written several posts in my head, lost interest in them and then moved on. Most of that writing in my head occurs on my lengthy drive to and from work each day.

There are insistent ideas and thoughts which usually will make it onto the blog page when I arrive at work in the morning and before I have time to work them to death and rip them apart in my mind. I am after all my own toughest critic.

Some nights all of the ideas have swirled into one big mess and I end up posting a mish mash or a brain dump of all of them. Tonight is going to be a brain dump post but along the lines of my intangible discoveries this week.
  1. I'm an enabler, I enable lazy behaviour in my family because it's often not worth the fight or the confrontation to combat it. I need to be tougher with those that I enable.
  2. Laughter is refreshing for the soul - watching a drag queen do a yodelling performance on Australia's Got Talent will get me chuckling every time. 
  3. Yoga is the best thing ever invented, especially when you don't watch where you're walking and fall down a step in high heels and jar your back.
  4. Blogging is everywhere - even my favourite show on Aussie television now has a main character who has started a blog and become a paid newspaper columist as a result of her popularity - see there's hope for me yet. In tonights episode she's struggling to come up with an idea for her first column so she writes about all the things she does to avoid writing the column. A brain dump column perhaps ????
  5. Be prepared before you need to be prepared - tonight I updated my resume, I'm listening to my intuition - not because I fear losing my job but because sometimes it just pays to be prepared.
  6. Expectations can bring you unstuck - both professionally and personally, but so too can over thinking things.
  7. A sense of humour makes anything possible and helps you cope with most of the things that get thrown at you.
  8. Our cat began sitting on the back outdoor table so that Molly (our new puppy) couldn't get her, now the dog thinks she's a cat and sits on the table too.
So what have you discovered this week?

Cheers, Fi

Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one's thoughts into action is the most dificult thing in the world ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


  1. Love your brain dump! It's full of inspiration.

  2. I enable lazy behavior in my family, too. Truth be told, sometimes it's easier to just let things go.


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