Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dream a little dream...

'A Dream Home Abroad' - the title of this television program says it all doesn't it? I only discovered this show last week and I watched with some envy as a couple restored a huge Spanish property.

This week they're in Tuscany with a new couple who are restoring a farmhouse on several acres in the hills just outside the town of Pisa.

We're talking massive and extensive restorations which cost an absolute packet of cash but oh boy are the results absolutely amazing.

It seems to be a fairly stressful process and of course it makes better television viewing for there to be lots of dramas but it does make you stop, dream and wonder.

It also prompts Google searches for farmhouses in Tuscany as well as discovering all of the fabulous 'Living in Tuscany' blogs.

Can't you just see me sitting on the verandah of a farmhouse in Tuscany, sipping on a nice glass of wine and writing my best selling novel. I could be snacking on olives, fresh bread and cheeses and looking out over the hills and valleys. Probably a bit fanciful because I don't actually like drinking wine but it fits with the dream.

perhaps with views like this of the Tuscany countryside
and food like this - mmm not so good for the waistline though
It's always been one of my dreams to visit Tuscany. In my mind it's a place full of romance and culture with amazingly creative and talented people and scrumptious food. I'm an olive and cheese girl from way back - that's Italian fare isn't it?

Have any of you seen the movie Mamma Mia with Meryl Streep - now I could also handle something like the home she has in the Greek Islands, it's actually on an island as well. I guess in general I've always favoured the Mediterranean culture, the food, the countryside and the people.

What about you - money and logistics aside. If you could live anywhere in the world, what appeals to you the most and why?

Cheers, Fi

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them ~ Walt Disney


  1. Ahhh.... dreamers. On the north coast of France or.... the most beautiful place ever -- Tofino, British Columbia. :)

    1. Okay - back to Google for a sneak peek at where you're mentioning :-D

  2. Ahh yes, where would we be without dreams? I see your thinking cap post. And money and logistics not being of concern, I would love to go to Italy or Ireland among many other places...Germany. Back to Amsterdam....I could go on....Wine and cheese, please! Yummy.

    1. Okay so I'd like to go most of the places you mention as well - I'm not fussy, any place with culture and good food and I'd like to be there


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