Saturday, April 21, 2012

6WS - It's been such a huge week

There's not been many weeks since I started writing this blog that I've let quite so many days go by when I haven't written. Most times it's been because I've been busy not because I simply couldn't be bothered.

This week has been a big one at work - change management training and action planning for the coming two years and a lot of 'aha' moments as we watched many of our HR Managers actually realise just what sort of challenges we have in front of us.

There's days when the road ahead seems quite daunting and scary. Life is a bit like that as well - when you look at the big picture it can seem kinda out of reach. So while you have to be able to envisage the big picture, you also have to be able to take a step back and just look at the here and now and take the baby steps.

Project work is really wierd because you have such bursts of activity and stress and then lulls of quiet time - it's like riding a roller coaster and just knowing you have to hold on because you don't know when the quiet times will suddenly end. It's also an exhausting way of working.

There must be something in the air at the moment, is it a full moon, new moon - I don't know but everyone seems a little weird. The dog has been sulking today because she didn't get to go to the beach - rain is not conducive to walking on the beach, nor is shopping and the kazillion other things I had to get done today.

She chewed up her harness for the car and hubby's thongs today ~ grin ~ hubby has been 'painful' in the last 24 hours so I'm thinking maybe she's even smarter than I thought and she's kicking his butt for me.

Him and his mates are having a night of blasting music and being loud and rowdy - so not being able to hear the television is annoying. Can't even rely on the neighbour to complain because he's a part of it.

Grandson stayed last night and was awake for an hour during the night, this is the baby who has been sleeping all night since 9 weeks old, so that was a little bit disconcerting as well. Not what I needed after such a huge week, but you get that. I was up early for football with the youngest this morning so I had a nice little nanna nap this arvo.

Rainy days and nanna naps - these are two of my favourite things in the world, partly because they go together so well.

Thank you Brenda for the reminder and the mention, I'll be dropping by and maybe you all should stop by for a peek at what she's doing with the launch of her newest book 'Skewered Halo'. A real published writer not a 'wanna be' so I have to smooze and hope that some of her awesomeness rubs off.

Cheers all and apologies for the extended rambling tonight - I think I needed some unload time after the week I've had. The music and ruckus from the shed has suddenly gone quiet - my ESP which is shouting 'shut up' is finally working.

Have a great week, Fi


  1. OH Fi.... I am battling a little four legged furball myself... my daughter's beagle has taken up residency. I forgot to shut the closet door one day and came home to a destroyed pair of black pumps!

    AND... You don't need my awesomeness.... you have enough of your own!


    1. Furballs - don't ya just love them. I just dropped one of hubby's mates home and came back to find mine curled up on the shed floor with hubby. Both of them sound asleep - too cute!
      I guess we all have our own awesomeness don't we?

  2. Breathe. when faced with daunting. when confronted with challenging...

    Breathe. :)

    and ps -- I love walks on the beach in the rain! I'll come walk your puppy! :)

    1. I want to like walking in the rain, but I hate being cold and wet and we don't have warm rain unfortunately. I'll tell her that next time it's raining you'll pop over to take her for a walk - are you busy tomorrow?
      She sulks just like a person ;-)

  3. We all have those days and weeks. Hopefully they fly by with the least amont of disruption!

    1. Least disruption - sounds good

  4. Nothing can clear your head like a good ramble. One of my favorite activities. We also do project work, and it can be so frustrating when you can't just get in a groove and know what comes next. But those quiet times are a real treat when we get them : ) Raining all the way on this side of the world too and I'm looking forward to my nap even without having my Nanna credentials yet. I'm just practicing ; )

    1. Raining your side of the world too? I did lots of nanna nap practice prior to becoming a nanna :-)


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