Monday, April 16, 2012

Some people get it very wrong...

My 400th post is rolling off the line today everybody. Cue the virtual drumroll and fanfare. For my faithful followers thanks for hanging around and to all newcomers - welcome, please stay a while.

I know that I should also be rolling out the cupcakes and the thinly sliced cucumber sandwiches (in an effort to be stylish - which I'm not) so hang it - who's really got time for all that shit. I'm here and that's about the best of it.

As I muse about my blogging time over the last 18 months, I realise that I've met some inspiring people, I've discovered a real writing community and I've also seen spitefulness and ignorance at it's worst. The biggie though, I've come to love the brutal honesty of the blogosphere, the realism.

Even more so after reading the silent hatchet job that a certain journalist did on Eden Riley from Edenland in the Sunday newspapers yesterday. Silly, patronising article by an even more stupid woman who didn't have her facts straight about Eden or other bloggers featured in the article and who also spoke with condescension about bloggers.

Little tip love, this is akin to professional suicide when you don't get your facts straight - if you're going to write such a shocker of an article it pays to get your information right. You have also quite literally buried yourself because in case you hadn't realised it - social media is the future and Eden and the other three mentioned bloggers popularity through all of them surpasses your ignorance. Quite simply, tonight your name is mud with a capital M.

Can't believe the contrast between yesterdays post about a blogger being slammed via comments and this one who has literally hundreds supporting her through the comments section. There is indeed power in the blogging world.

Never underestimate the power of social media nor the following of 'mummy bloggers' across the world. If you want something known, want something made popular - then get social media to do it for you, at the same time if you get your facts wrong, or bag someone online then the entire world will also know all about it.

On a final note - last week at work was three days of holidays and two days of dragging boredom. This week is one day of chasing my tail getting prepared and then four days of change management training and action planning workshops, so really no time for cupcakes and dainty sandwiches anyway. Plus the boss is out sick which is not too good either.

My parting reminder - never write what you don't know and make sure your facts are 'factual'

Cheers, Fi

Facts are many, but the truth is one ~ Rabindranath Tagore


  1. I'm not sure if I have anything valuable to say, I just wanted to say that I enjoy being able to say what I want and share it with other people, also congratulations on your 400th post! : )

    1. I feel the same way Joseph and thanks for the congratulations

  2. 400 posts! congratulations. And keep writing. You've got lots worth hearing and reading.

    1. Thank you and yes 400 - most of which you've been around for ;-)

  3. Yes congrats Fi! 400 is an awesome number and I think I have been around a big chunk of them...I think. I started reading your blog first part of 2011. And then I think "we" clicked around this time last year. Can you send me the link about Eden Riley. I would be interested in readin it. I probably can find it online, huh? I have been reading her blog lately since you turned me onto it. Not sure what took me so long. She is ahhmazing.

    1. Yes Jenn, you've been with me for most of the journey. Eden's post about the article is here and also contains the link to the news article in it.
      She's talking about the people of Africa in todays post and her love of them - you'll probably appreciate her words


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