Thursday, April 12, 2012

Today is life...not tomorrow

I heard you all loud and clear when you said (shouted) for me to dig the novel out of the bottom drawer and do something with it. I have final edits to be done and then I WILL do something with it. I guess the final kick in the pants came from the universe this morning when I got to work.

One of the consultants who we worked with in the early stages prior to us getting Board approval for the project, has had a heart attack and is currently in hospital.

She’s a thirty-five year old mother of two, fit, healthy and no known prior medical problems. We don’t know the full facts other than she’s been working a crazy amount of hours lately.

Boy, it does make you stop and realise just how fragile life really is. The reality is that if you wait until tomorrow to do something – tomorrow may never come.

My relaxing few days in the Riverland got me thinking more on what I really value and what I need to focus on more. Then there were all your amazing comments and that was followed up with the news this morning. Don’t sit back and wait.
For the record, I did also start writing the new story yesterday; the ideas which I awoke with were tumbling over themselves to get out on the screen. Much like an avalanche of words and ideas, so I’ll continue working with them as well. I’ve discovered that I’m very much a pantser sort of a writer, not a planner.

I fly by the seat of my pants in other words – I can’t plan or structure what I write because I lose my inspiration. I have to go where the characters and story take me, although sometimes they lead me astray and I need to rein them in and back track occasionally. Strong irony here, given that in my normal everyday life I’m a planner and a list maker
So I’m focused on the more important things I want to achieve and here’s something I found which seemed quite apt given what I’m posting about today. It’s from the Living or Surviving website and it’s called ‘How to find time for yourself’

So I hope you all remember to;
1.    Find time for yourself
2.    Tell your loved ones what they mean to you
3.    Work towards achieving your goals
Today… not tomorrow

Cheers, Fi
Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved


  1. Exactly. You are not promised a tomorrow. Live, Laugh, Love TODAY.

  2. BTW, you are reading MckMama now? I have been reading her for years. She is one of my blog friends. She is who turned me on to GHNI several years ago.

    1. Where do you think I found her Jenn - thanks to someone commenting negatively on your 'affiliation' with her - I figured she must be someone worth reading :-)

  3. So true Fi -- and I hope the mother's heart heals.

    I've missed dropping in to visit you! I've been so immersed in 'life' I haven't taken the time to visit -- I'm so glad I did today.

    Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


    1. Hey that's called looking out for you. Immersing yourself in life is what your 'change' was all about - correct?
      Glad to hear from you though

  4. My thoughts are with your colleague. I hope she's ok!


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