Friday, April 27, 2012

It's a small world

...and sometimes you don't realise just how small the world is. But first I have to provide you with some history before I tell you why it's a small world.

Once upon a time (don't you just love cliches) I started working in a factory, I was young and immature, okay so I wasn't young in years on this earth, just in working brain maturity, in fact it was only eleven years ago.

The group of girls I began working with were 'tight' with a capital T; there was a rhythm and a pattern to their work routine and I was the outsider who also just happened to be neighbours with the boss and had gotten the job as a result.

For any of those girls reading this post... bear with me, this story is from my perspective okay.

It was hard to fit in, going from stay-at-home mum to factory worker - but money in my pocket was my driving motivation and not making friends or influencing people. I clashed with most of them but one of them especially - we had those sort of screaming knock down matches that teenagers have (only we didn't have that teenager excuse for our bad behaviour)

Anyway, this story could go on for years but I'll spare you the pain. Suffice to say there were many divisions amongst that group and at times I felt like I had only one friend through it all. She had started at the same time as me and we sided against the forces. She left under pretty bad circumstances and then I felt like I was thrown to the wolves and on my own so to speak.

How pathetically teenagerish does this sound!

With no back up support, it was a case of either keep fighting my 'rival' alone or join the hordes. I'm not even sure what my main rival and I used to disagree about or argue for. See how important it was? I think it was more the third party in this work group who fueled the fire and once she left it got better. Maybe with no back up support I got better and made more of an effort - who knows?

We laugh about it alot because one of my greatest supporters is now that main rival and she's also my yoga buddy and we often laugh about our stupid behaviour 'in our younger years'.

Now how small a world is it...... I went to the chiropractor last night in one of our cars which hubby has finally put a for sale sign on. I walked out of the chiropractor and the woman who had been in front of me in the chiro questioned me about the car and said she had a friend looking for a car and could she take some photos to send her.

This woman's friend then rang my hubby from the number on the car in the photo and low and behold she is that former third party and former friend from my old work. I haven't seen or heard from her in ten years. I'm not altogether sure I want to either - her departure from work was not under the best of circumstances and the boss who moved her on is still my next door neighbour.

It sure is a small, small world!

Cheers, Fi


  1. Wow, it is a small world. Faaaarrrrr too small it would seem. I am glad that you made up with the rival, I am sure she is thankful of the way it turned out also ;-)
    Just think, if it didnt start out that way, it could have been just your average, run of the mill friendship. So whilst at the time, it sucked, we will always have something to talk about!!!

    1. That we will my friend. I guess you and I know how similar we both are and that we have partners cut from the same cloth. Probably why we hated each other so much to start with LOL
      Shall I invite you over when she comes to look at the car?

    2. Definately, wouldnt miss it for the world.

  2. Wow, what an incredible group of coincedences! This really IS a small world. My hsuband always teases me because at least once a month I run into someone I know from my "past life." I hope all goes well with the sale of the car.


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