Thursday, January 26, 2012

Walking out the confusion

Last night I walked and walked and walked. I was angry and upset and walking on the beach has a way of clearing your head and easing the swirling thoughts in your head.

I walked the entire length of the dog beach and was reminded of how often I used to spend down there when we had our dog, just walking and relaxing. Back in that time when my children were young and carefree and a walk on the beach was a good excuse for a dip in the sea for them.

Today is Australia Day, a day to celebrate what being an Aussie is all about and appreciating this lucky country we live in. if you're new to my blog (or not an Aussie) then checking out the Land Down Under tab on my blog is worth a look at my amazing country.

Sometimes when emotions get the better of you it's hard not to make rash and crazy decisions. I have lots of things that I'm thinking about at the moment (and as much as I love all my dear friends and family who visit this page - no real desire to discuss them at the moment either, but I appreciate you all for being there for me nonetheless)

Just coming here and getting the frustration out is enough at the moment. Four days of no work and plenty of relaxation is also a marvellous thing as well as I allow the thoughts and ideas to swirl and settle.

It's 36 degrees celcius today, sunny and warm. A beautiful day to be reminded of the good things in life and the things I do have to be greatful for.

I have my health, I have my mind and I have my family and friends - some aren't so lucky

I hope you're all appreciating who you are and what you have today. I am.

Cheers, Fi

Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.~ Napoleon Bonaparte


  1. Ohh Fi, sorry you are going through some rough times. I hadn't read your post before I sent my response to email. Hopefully a few days off and some more walking can clear your head a bit. Remember, when you are ready to talk (vent), just drop me a line. Praying for you and your family.

  2. Warm thoughts flying your way across the seas


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