Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Suddenly everything is clearer

Two things have not changed - my 'newish' bed is still awesome to sleep in, even after seven nights of camping and visiting family, and driving in city morning traffic still sucks.

My first day back at work seemed to go for about 205 hours today, all I wanted was an afternoon nap - but then almost four weeks of holidaying does that to a body.

The first few days of our holiday were quite eventful because middle son took his teenage bad attitude with him, but now that we're home all of a sudden everything is so much clearer. Bad attitude, reluctance to be on holiday with his family, an urgency to get home again.

He has a new girlfriend. She came for tea tonight.

He's never bought a girlfriend home for dinner so this is a bit of a monumental event tonight, besides the fact that she lives an hour and a half away and actually caught the bus here tonight. Hubby cooked an awesome dinner - he always does and him and his mates were even on their best behaviour (highly unusual).

Being the mother of teenagers is a funny thing. On one hand you still feel so young and on the other hand it makes you feel really old when they bring girlfriends home for dinner. I have all boys so I can only base it on girlfriends, although I'm not sure that having girls would be any easier.

This is my son who never wants to be at home, who is always out with his mates and when he is home he's on his computer with the door closed. Tonight he's home, they're lying cuddled up together on his bed watching TV with the door wide open (without me even having to play the nasty mummy role) She can come for tea every night if it makes him act normal and polite and human.

Well this post was nothing like what I planned to write tonight but life works that way. Motivation was on my mind after today's project team activity. It went reasonably well, but it's hard when you're working with technical minded people who just don't get what motivation and people work is all about.

I get a bit frustrated when people give you all the reasons under the sun why something won't work or when they don't get moving and acting and making things happen. Errgggh don't waste energy on the why's and why nots.

I have lots of things that I want to achieve this year, so motivation will be a key factor. It's amazing how many people just don't get how important motivation is in achieving our dreams.
It's one thing for others to provide motivation but the true key is finding what works for us so that we can motivate ourselves.

Well I might head off and get some of those photos from our holiday downloaded and sorted so that I can share them.

Cheers, Fi

You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind. ~ Author Unknown

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  1. I think something is in the water for boys with the bad attitude. My 13 yr old has been pushing buttons lately too. So he didnt want to be on holiday because then he would be missing his girlfriend. Ha. Sounds familiar. I know when Ty changes his mind quickly on activities it is because a certain someone won't be there. I make him go anyways. Can't wait to see the pics.


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