Saturday, January 21, 2012

6WS- Best things in life are free...

Hubby has gone away for the weekend with youngest MM for a weekend of fishing, middle MM and his girlfriend are out socialising and oldest MM and my grandson are staying with me for the weekend.

Long story, but lets simplify it and say that oldest MM had a wrestling competition with 70kg of steel at work yesterday and the steel won, luckily it was only his finger that got in the way but boy does it look messy, so mum / nani got houseguests for the weekend so she can help them out.

Just gave my grandson a bath so he's clean and sweet smelling and content and now he's cuddled up on the lounge with his daddy and ready for bed. Best things in life...

Two of the girls from my old work came for a visit today and it was nice to catch up. One of them has a toddler who was delighted to be able to run through the sprinkler on my back lawn and play with a bucket of water. That's childhood isn't it - being able to run naked on the back lawn under the sprinkler, every child should be able to do that - the best things in life...

Childhood - memories of sunshine and water and fun. The best things shouldn't cost huge amounts of money. My childhood is full of memories like that when life seemed so simple and easy.

I have another day of reading, writing and relaxing ahead of me - more of the best things in life...

Hope you're enjoying some of the best things in life...

Cheers, Fi

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The best things in life come in threes, like friends, dreams, and memories


  1. I completely agree! There's no happier feeling than having all of my family around me.

  2. Yes, Fi, it is nice to remember the nice things of life. Seems I remember more bad than good about my Childhood.

    One thing kinda of good I remember is when my dog, Von, stood up for me when the big kids were chasing me in tag and she bit my older cousin. Von was a true buddy.

  3. So very true! Great words to think about this week!

  4. Best things in life are free indeed :)
    Love how the little one is looking at the camera and he looks being cozy and content!
    Your little story 'under the sprinkler' is one of my fave childhood memories as well, we used to do that as kids on hot days. Love it!
    Enjoy the writing today!

  5. Oh, yes... running in the sprinklers has always been a favorite activity for my girls. Good times!

    I hope your son's finger heals quickly!

  6. Certainly are! One of my favourites is walking on the beach. Love it when the sea is calm, love it when the waves are pounding.

  7. I used to love running through the sprinklers when I was a kid. My friends loved it, too, because where they lived I don't think their parents had grass to need a sprinkler, lol. So it was always a lot of fun. Until my cousins next door got a pool installed. Then that was all the rage. Stopping by from 6WS.

  8. wonderful! great things to be thinking about on this wonderful saturday!!!

  9. Yes, something we should remember but often times forget. I always tell my husband that , we dont always need to be *entertained* nor *entertain* our children. I remember when I was younger my cousins and I used to take hikes all over in the woods, fish, swim at the lake, etc...such good memories. I know it is a different age now with all the technology but even so. That is why most of the time I *unplug* on Sundays and never post, just spend quality time with the family. I know it is not much but a start. Thanks for sharing the pic of the baby! And glad you son is ok from the accident. Have an awesome rest of the weekend Fi!

  10. They are, and they fill our hearts with heavy joy! ;)

  11. six more true words were never written!

  12. Ya I miss my childhood when I used to get to play all day long. : )

  13. Sounds like such an amazing weekend - good for you!

    Thanks for playing 6WS!


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